Meditation: its strategies and results

If you are one of the many people who listen to the Light of the Soul/Yoga Sutra discussions, then you hear us weekly unraveling Patanjali’s masterful instruction on meditation. If you are a person who knows that human beings are in a new phase of evolution, then you also know that the path of meditation is significant to humanity’s potential new maturity.

Join me for a four-week online course in the magical mysteries of meditation. Why does meditation bring forward insight and realization? Why is it so powerful an aspect of the spiritual path? Part of the online course’s quest is to bring perspective as to why it is of benefit to meditate. Why did Lao Tsu, Patanjali, Krishna, Buddha Shakyamuni, and Jesus encourage the people of their time to meditate and do so frequently?

Then we will explore how meditation works. Doing so, a practitioner will be provided with information that will support his or her personal practice: getting one started, establishing one, or deepening an already established practice.

I love meditation! I love the art and the science of it. This love and lifetimes of practice in multiple disciplines has honed the skill  of meditation within me. It is my joy, then, to offer whatever I can to help others develop skill with meditation as well. And one of the beauties of meditation is that there are so many ways to cultivate that skill!

Join me for four-week online course: The Inner Workings of Meditation, how and why it works. Course begins this Tuesday, July 7. This course is part of the Vibrational Excellence series.


Tuesday not a good day for your life’s responsibilities? No problem. An online course is not only green but convenient. All classes are webcasted, visual presentations embedded, and all materials are made easily available for the student. We also have a private Facebook page for group discussions. If you cannot be at class live, email me questions or points that you would like covered.


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