Venus and Jupiter in one’s chart

With Venus and Jupiter brilliant in the sky together, here are some thoughts on them in one’s chart using esoteric astrology principles. Both planets can represent the high vibration of causal wisdom (Soul and triadal understanding) as well as alignment with the most expanded and sublime aspects of pure Being (Venus and Jupiter respectively). But first one has to check in with oneself to see how one is living these two planets.

Traditionally, Venus rules Taurus and Libra. This means that Venus is in rulership if it is in either of these signs and dignified if it inhabits either the 2nd or 7th house regardless of the sign it might be in. (I do not agree with the carte blanche idea of a planet “falling” in certain signs. Instead, I look for the overall energetic of the planet as it demonstrates through a chart.)

On the traditional or exoteric turn of the spiral, Venus is a temptress, luring the native to various forms of pleasure and distraction. And, although one might be mature enough to live from mindfulness in this regard, nonetheless the attraction will be there. The native is well served by looking squarely at what brings a sense of pleasure, comfort, and goodness and then examine if one’s spiritual Path is furthered, derailed, or stalled through such desires. If Venus is in the second house, the native will value these  pleasures and will think them of value. But, lo the temptress, and be sure that a greater good is factually being served and not only one’s fancy. If Venus is in the 7th house, then pleasing others is the pleasure one seeks, and everyone liking the native is the cushiony comfort one tries to ensure. There are layers to the glamours of all the planets, but Venus’ types of illusions just feel right(!). Therefore, be very clear with oneself about one’s Venus. When we are, the door of insight opens – every time.

On the esoteric turn of the spiral, Venus is the gift giver. But this is so that the native can fulfill the law of giving and generosity. In this manner, the merit and beneficial karma generated over lives and in the current life has offered a bounty. Good things come to you. You are valued for what you are or who you are. Your needs are taken care of – yes, usually with some work – but they are always attended. But, this ease and flow of the river of bounty is so that you can continue doing what brought the river to your life in the first place – empathic relatedness. Kindness, generosity, caring, appreciating – these are Venus on this turn of the spiral. Venus esoterically rules Gemini and therefore is dignified in the third house. Here, the sense of other (Gemini/Twins) is more like identical twins or siamese twins. Venus unifies, links, and relates on the deeper level of meaning. Venus also is capable of seeing into the future (soothsayers and oracles) such that Venus offers the native the long range view of results that will ensue from the actions and words that one puts in motion. That long view wants (Venus) the best for all, and wants to provide that into future lives.

On the hierarchical turn of the spiral, Venus is the gateway to the highest mysteries and realizations. Venus rules Capricorn on this turn. Note that Venus rules the first and final earth signs. In Taurus temptation of form and matter, textures and delights is how we come to know our earthly self and create the samsaric wheel of rebirth. In the final earth sign, Capricorn, the ways of earth for earth sake have grown old. There is no true life there. This is represented by the hardness of rock in Capricorn. The flower of realization is the flower sought. The deepest truths and highest realizations are within the human desire nature. Unravelling ourselves from it, understanding why and how it is so tantalizing, which is to understand why desire exists at all, is to free oneself into the most expansive wisdoms and purpose for being. The long range view esoterically has become the view of the constant horizon of Awareness, always new, always revelatory. Venus ruling Capricorn is dakini, Sophia, Kali, and the stark naked wholeness of pure Being. Relation has become universal. Merging has gone non-dual. If the native has Venus in the 10th house, a gift lies in your hands but is covered with a dirty rag. In ignorance of what you hold, you might through the rag and its precious contents away. But to quote a great master, “Unwrap it quickly, you fool.”


Jupiter is jolly Santa Claus on the exoteric turn of the spiral. Traditionally, it rules Sagittarius and is dignified in the ninth house. Being jolly is cool, but the native must be mindful about being gullible, unwise, overly optimistic, and ungrounded in the work that must be done in order for lasting happiness to be in one’s life. Santa doesn’t work, the elves do! On the traditional turn of the spiral, the native is well served by a reflection on diligence – and not as a philosophical ideal but as a manifest trait of character in oneself.

Jupiter rules Aquarius esoterically and therefore is dignified in the 11th house. Jupiter in the 11th house has one purpose: to change the world. The distinction from one person’s chart to another is in the level of “world.” This could mean the inner world of one’s emotions, or family life, or the external world of one’s role. It could refer to being a person who is a transformative agent to the circles of which you are a part, or a “systems’” person who has the big picture and knows how to organize and coordinate the parts to make change happen. In any case, Jupiter esoterically is demanding an ongoing stretch (expand/Jupiter) of what one is capable of and how to apply one’s fullest capacity. This will make the native happy and will help bring goodness into the world (Jupiter all around).

Jupiter rules Virgo hierarchically. Note that the two gift givers of the planets rule earth signs. This is worth pondering. On a blatant level of meaning, these planets ruling earth signs is calling our attention to the gifts of Mother Earth and the gift of consciousness made possible only through incarnating into form. Furthermore, these planets that symbolize the Soul in its majesty and glory (light and love) attest to our reason for being. Humanity exists in order to bring the light of love and creative compassion into this world and thus into this little corner of cosmos. And it is this that Jupiter ruling Virgo or dignified in the 6th house symbolizes. Therefore, for the native who has such in his or her chart, your life is supposed to be one of living from the inner truth of being – whatever that means to you and however you choose to do that. You have much to give and know how to do so, so please do, without sense of boundaries or concerns. Your existence is not for you. It is for all beings.

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