Esoteric Astrology Layers 4: Mercury

Master_DK_bThe Master DK gave a model of levels of consciousness-Being that are also planes of vibration and quality. In that model, Mind is called by the Sanskrit word Manas. Manas is  the root for the words mind, man, and human. This signifies that a human being is the incarnated principle of cosmic mind (manas). The Master’s information on the planes of consciousness is not limited to terrestrial Earth, but is intended to point the student toward the macrocosmic aspects of one’s being. Man, then, is a cosmic mind who has taken on a self-limited form for reasons almost inconceivable to that self. This self-limitation, then, creates the evolution of the Soul through eons of time and the incarnating process. This article explores some of the range and fullness of Mercury in this regard.

250_Hermes-MercuryMercury is the mind, therefore Mercury is the Son of Mind – the Soul. The Master DK calls the Soul the Son of Mind. It is “son” because of its masculine polarity when viewed  from the vantage point of origin (spirit). It is an “only begotten one,” born as an emanation of pure being (spirit). Soul is the seed-spark of cosmic awareness and joy, begotten into Manas in a way similar to a fertilized egg deposited on the uterine wall.  The human egg will evolve to transcend the womb just as the Soul, at a significant expanse of Awareness, moves beyond the plane of Manas. Doing so, it releases itself from the playground of the mind. This is liberation.

The soul emits qualities which create its manifestation. These are expressed through the sense of self-identity with its personal mind, emotions, and body. The concept of “only begotten,” or “son,” refers to the principle of single identity: its singleness and the potential contained within. This will ultimately mature to express sublime ALLness-Oneness.

Mercury is the messenger of the Gods. Soul is too. We experience Soul as the messenger every time we pray, seek guidance, do a devotional practice, or a form of deity or guru yoga. It is soul that is responding with guidance or is the answer to the prayer. Soul can be, and often is, experienced as the voice or light of God, as divine grace, or Buddha nature. Mercury is the nature of all-mind shared by all Beingness. As such, it is the intercessor: the vibrational transducer or calibrater necessary for the all forms of communication, including the subtle and internal forms. On a personal level, that intercessor is the Mercurial Soul, the higher Mind in the role of communicator between the higher and the lower forms of cognition, between the supra-mundane and the mundane realms.

Mercury is the bridge, the link, the intermediary. Soul is the bridge between spirit and matter. It is the link, the relator, and the intermediary between all things in life. Mercurial Mind shares in the substantial nature of that which is “above” as well as that which is “below.” Soul, son of mind, is flesh of all flesh, comprised of the substance and vibrations of the highest pure realms and states along with those of the dense. The myth of Adam naming the animals is an excellent example of this. He was a Knower of the essence of an animal that was manifesting through its form. He named the embodiment of the quality, such that courage or ferocity became Lion, peace became dove. Another example of this is Hierarchy, the kingdom of Souls. It is a grand intermediary bridging planetary consciousness and the wills of men. Like all bridges, Hierarchy can be utilized in both directions. The higher intentions of planetary wisdom can impress the open-minded and intuitive members of humanity, and humanity can send its prayers for direction and its aspiration into the highest realms through Hierarchy.

Mercury cannot usually be seen because it is masked by the light of the Sun. For a long time, Soul also is not recognized. Its presence is veiled by the light of the personality – the sun of the day. This represents the human mind being obscured and overtaken by the largess of desire and the determination made by the sense of self. Soul’s desire, in distinction, is altruistic and has nothing to do with self-importance or self-gratification. As a result, the potential light of the Soul and clarity of the soul-born mind are lived as confusion: we cannot see clearly, just as Mercury cannot clearly be seen. Yet the fact of Mercury’s proximity to the Sun is stating that mind can abide that close to the Sun – now representing the Soul – because they are of one nature.

Mercury is the communicator. Soul is the Word. “The Word was with God,” just as Mercury is always with the Sun. Equally so, Soul is born of and flesh (substance) of  the ALL-ONE. Occultly, this is an exact statement such that Soul is a vibrational quantum packet of ALL-Awareness.

Soul, then, is literally a sound, or song, in contradistinction to the Void of ALL-Awareness which is Wordless, silent, and unwordable. Soul is the Word made flesh. It incarnates in order to be the Word in form.

Mercury is buddhi, and eventually Soul is that.
In the classic seven plane/states model of consciousness, the plane of Buddhi is fourth with three planes above and three below. As a state of existence, the buddhic plane retains no division or sense of separateness within distinction. This is difficult to understand because human concepts are predicated upon separate identifiable parts either in relation or in antagonism. Yet, the buddhic plane and its states of awareness, sustain differentiation without the designation of division. Buddhi is a plane and state of unified integrity.

Some ideas and qualities of buddhi are expressed within Buddhism. (Note the word buddhi as the core of the word buddhism.) Examples include: inter-dependence, compassion, the wisdom of emptiness or infinite potential, the achievement of human nobility as lived through virtue, decency in life, and the understanding that the source of and the undoing of suffering can be accomplished through perceiving this list of truths and living these principles of non-separateness. Truths such as these are pure, and are always non-deceiving, because they are buddhic in nature. The plane of buddhi is “above” the worlds of form, “above” the manipulations of personalization and desire.

Occultly, Mercury is buddhi. It represents the Buddhic plane as well as those who have realized no-self and thus realized ALL-Self. Within the Trans-himalayan teachings, these people and beings comprise Hierarchy. Mercury represents the realizations vibrant within their consciousness as well as the buddhic awareness they have matured to be.

Mercury also can infer the eternal principles that Hierarchy and the Noble Ones, as well as the buddhas and bodhisattvas, live and express. These principles reiterate time and again through the ages (“the Word cycling down the ages”), adapting to culture but not changing in purity or truth. Mercury/Buddhi, then, is all that can be Known through the awakened intuition. Eventually, Soul becomes this, made possible through the Soul-son’s release from Manas.

The Soul is the first level of intuition. Buddhi is the source of intuition. Mercury is intuition and is buddhi. Soul is the middle principle between spirit and matter, but buddhi was that ‘before’ Soul. Buddhi is the middle of the seven planes and states with three above and three below. Mercury is this middle principle as well as the centered path of alignment. Through alignment (centeredness), one can access the higher realms and develop one’s intuition.

Intuition is the internal messenger of the Gods. It is the capacity of instantaneous awareness. Division is not the operating principle of intuition. Interconnected wholeness is, and its messages or intuited knowings always report relation and the interdependence of factors usually unseen or not considered.

Soul is omniscient in relation to that which is below it. By its location in the solar system, the planet, Mercury, is the first to “know” the ways of the Sun, the ways of Light. Therefore, Buddhi offers omniscience. This omniscience is relative: being pure and profound in comparison to the ways of common mind and thinking but not ultimate when compared to Pure Awareness-Being which is not limited to the planes.

Manas or Mind knowing is also relative, but this is so from the fact of incompleteness due to Manas expressing the principle of identification and thus separate parts. Therefore, knowing (manas-mind) can be full and comprehensive but can never be complete or whole; and manas knows this constant incompleteness. This gnawing-knowing is the source of curiosity and wonder, of investigation and adventure; and is the source of the sense of mystery and therefore of all the sciences.

Buddhic intuited completeness is something different. This knowing relates to the essential oneness presenting through the parts. The appearance of being a compounded thing is the domain and way of Manas but not of buddhi. Highest Mercury refers to this level of omniscience, to this comprehensive awareness of wholes as parts and all parts as belonging to and participant in holograms of wholeness.

Soul is omnipresent to that which it creates, nurtures, and guides. Omnipresence is limitless presence: presence not curtailed by any factor. Omnipresence includes pervasive awareness as well as the capacity of perfect relating. Perfect relating is compassion and pure being. Soul, in its majesty, is omnipresent and is constantly expressing through all forms of our self and life. Yet, just as the daytime sun obscures the billions of stars in the sky, the ego of the sense of self blots out or detracts from the expression of the Soul’s glory that each of us actually is. This is one reason for the statements from world spiritual teachings that “awareness already is,” and that we simply have to wake up to our profound potential in the current moment, thus perceive it as it is and ourself as we truly ARE.

High Mercury offers this reminder, and then highest Mercury takes omnipresence one step further. Mercury is Buddhi then, and therefore is the awareness that perceives through concepts and forms. We remember that differentiation holds no separating distinction to buddhic awareness. As such, shape and form, time and measure are perceived through. They merely point to the energy or causative conditions that express as the current manifestation.

In this way, buddhi is an expression of true omnipresence, and Mercury is this buddhic expression. The classic myths report that Mercury was swift, even instantaneous. This is to be omnipresent. He could appear or arrive anywhere; there were no limits on his movement. As such, Mercury is in one sense non-locatable, like intuition; but in an other sense is like globules of liquid mercury that effortlessly connect and combine, undeterred by location.

The soul is omnipotent to the three worlds below it, the worlds of concrete thinking, emotions, and physical dimensional living. Omnipotence is the expression of being all powerful. Soul is non-personal, thus is unaffected by personal considerations, including pain, stress, worry, and difficulty. Soul looks upon all manifestation as an experiment in Being. As such, benefit is accumulated with every aspect of the experiment. Soul is like the sky to whatever is happening on the ground. This is Mercury in that Mercury is not destroyed by the gravity, heat, or radiation of the Sun. It’s as if Mercury, being so like unto the Sun, is omnipotent in its expression. It is undaunted by the perturbations of the solar Sun, just as Soul – guiding and wise – is unaffected by and undeterred in the ongoing evolution of its personality expression.

On a higher turn of the understanding, Buddhi is power, a power even great than that of the Soul. Its power derives from interdependence, oneness, and the livingness of cause-result as a principle that powers all cosmos.

Buddhi expresses omnipotence as the point of both creation and completion (destruction). To the spiritual planes “above” buddhi, buddhi serves as the plane of creation into form. It is called “the plane from where form is born.” And as the “raincloud of knowable things” is the formless realm and is the source from which the knowable and that which is possible will precipitate into the worlds of mind, desire, energy, and dense dimensionality.

When experienced from the realms of common form (mind, emotion, etheric, and physical), buddhi is the plane of destruction or completion. From this point of reference, buddhi is “the plane whereon form dies.” That is so because concretion or contraction cannot be sustained in the non-dividedness of buddhi. In this way, buddhi is omnipotent as far as the worlds of form are concerned.

To sum up:

  • Mercury is mind as the intercessor and relator of information.
  • Mercury is mind as the knower seeking and utilizing what can be known.
  • Mercury is the Soul, the only begotten son. A child of divine profound nature placed within the field of Manas – the cosmic principle of knowing-Awareness.
  • Mercury is buddhi, the plane and state of consciousness that is before forms and concepts.
  • Mercury is buddhi, the plane and state of consciousness that defies concretion and contractions of reality.
  • Soul is mercurial, as in omni.
  • Soul, as oneness, is relative to the worlds of desire and differentiation. Therefore,
  • Soul is buddhi, thus is Mercury.
  • Ultimately, Mercury and the Sun are One. In other words, ultimately Soul becomes buddhic in nature. This frees Soul from the function as a Son of Mind which has been its identified form of consciousness. Soul is liberated into a state of Awareness AS Being. This state is represented by the highest expression of the Sun and of Mercury (the symbol of the caduceus applies: snakes arising to an orb of omniscience; the snakes are freed from gravity and thus can arise; the orb of omniscience is also the All-Seeing-Eye, the ONE and only One). It is in this way, then, that Mercury and the Sun are one.

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  1. Bonnie Orgren says:

    Beautiful, overflowing with Mercury, love this- buddhi serves as the plane of creation into form. It is called “the plane from where form is born.” And as the “raincloud of knowable things” is the formless realm and is the source from which the knowable and that which is possible will precipitate into the worlds of mind, desire, energy, and dense dimensionality. When experienced from the realms of common form (mind, emotion, etheric, and physical), buddhi is the plane of destruction or completion. From this point of reference, buddhi is “the plane whereon form dies.” And Mercury and the Son are One. As an 8th house Gemini I’ve always liked Mercury retrograde due to its closeness to the Sun I enjoy my inner Self a bit more, never have those troubles attributed to medieval beliefs. Thank you, have referred it to a DK reading friend who doesn’t know astrology. Your writing is so clear it reveals the unity.

  2. April says:

    Thanks so much, just found this post while researching Mercury and it’s been very eye opening for me, I’m very grateful!

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