Daring and the blazing heart

vajrayoginiThe higher energies of Aries make plain the distinction between hubris and daring. Hubris is of the solar plexus and the lower chakras. It is personality driven, has a personal agenda, is often brash and uncouth. Daring, on the other hand, when ignited from the power of the heart, is clean, clear, and incisive. Daring can engage the untruths of the personality and its fabrications of enemy or antagonist, as daring has only one purpose: the liberated free flow of truth and being. The fabrications of enemy or other are within our self because we are at war within our self. As such, a person or country drops into hubris and the caricature of being right or important.

Instead, daring is a high calling, and calls us to the highest truths of livingness that we are capable of. This is why the Master DK states that Aries inaugurates the New Age. The boldness required to live from awareness is a moment by moment adventure. This Aries cycle – with three planets in Aries that all have to do with will, clarity, and redesign – be bold and dare.

This meditation engages daring and invites you to do the same.

The full moon of Aries is on Saturday, but a full moon cycle is five days long.


Downloadable podcast: The fires of daring


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