Humanity as body, speech and mind

trinityI find myself pondering the concept of body, speech, and mind from two angles: 1. that these three words are describing a triune beingness, three aspects of one nature, and the three capacities of that one beingness to express the fullness of that one nature; and 2: considering these ideas regarding the kingdom of humanity as the one beingness. The latter is not exclusive of the occult fact that all echelons of existence are presenting a triune whole since the divine triplicity is the design of manifestation.

Body, speech, and mind are one triune beingness

  • Body is speech, speech is mind, mind is manifestation and form.
    Body is an organized structure of energy presenting and thereby making physical interaction with energy possible.
  • Speech is verbalization, but the term speech also infers vibration and a sourcing of vibration. As such, vibration is a signature of an energy source. Therefore, speech refers to the action of sounding on any scale or level of oscillation. The level will determine if the sounding is audible and, if so, to what type of hearer: person, dog, flower, mountain. Or is the sounding as the background wave of primordial akasha, or as the energy signatures of the constitution of a being and recognized by an intuitive.
  • Mind is an expression of the energy that lies in back of the sounding (speech) and therefore of any form (body). Mind, also, is the reason for being in the current development of humanity (root race). DK tells us that humanity is a “Son of Mind;” but the term mind is layered and comprehensive. The analytical, discursive, and separating tendency of the common mind is developmental. Human beings learn from the small to the big. An example is the shape of the letter to the sound of the letter to the meaning of words to words as pointers to greater ideas or concepts. This way of learning is because human beings are incarnated. That which is incarnated must be aware of the small for reasons of survival. However, the survival while in the form (incarnated) is for reasons of the second tendency and capacity of mind: connection. One of the reasons that humanity exists is to understand interconnectedness in all ways and to express from that understanding. Relation is an attribute of the mind. Relation associates the line and curve of a letter, then associates that with sound, then with meaning and use. Relation associates sound with bird song, event with the creation of memory, event with the idea of self. Furthermore, relation and connection are ever reporting and revealing the interdependence of body, speech, and mind – the interdependence of all aspects of existence seen and unseen, realized and as yet unrealized. Further still, mind is the capacity of knowing – in any regard – the full and, ultimately, beyond concepts levels of knowing. As such mind, is awareness.

light of enlightenmentBody, then, is the shape and form (dense or subtle) through which energy is currently expressing. Speech is the vibration of the energy currently expressing. And, mind is the intention or quality of the energy that is currently expressing. “Currently expressing” is not a determination of time, per se, but of duration. Duration is a statement of continuity and the spectrum of that continuity in two ways: non-interrupted and therefore continuous, and the spread or span of such duration which infers momentum, development, and evolution.

In A Treatise on White Magic, Master DK states:
“ … it will be necessary to understand somewhat the part that the fourth kingdom in nature plays in relation to the whole, and the purpose for which that aggregate of forms which we call the human family exists.  ….

First of all, humanity is responsive to the inflow of energy. This pours into it from the cosmos. … (That energy is basically threefold):

  • Spiritual energy, as we inadequately term it. … (This) reaches humanity from the level of what is technically called the monadic plane, from the archetypal sphere, the highest source of which a man can become conscious. To this type of energy there are few so equipped that can respond. (It is) the One Self-Existent Life or Absolute Being.
  • Sentient energy – the energy which makes a man a soul. It is the principle of awareness, the faculty of consciousness, that something … which awakens responsiveness to an outer and far-reaching field of contacts. It is that which eventually develops in a man a recognition of the whole, of the self, and which leads him to self-determination and self-realization.
  • Pranic energy or vitality (inclusive of the three fires: electric, solar, and by friction).  …

Humanity, being the meeting place for all three types of energy, constitutes a midway point … .

The second type of activity of which man is capable is an intense progressive and spiral development within the human ring-pass-not. This sentence covers the mode of development and the entire procedure of unfoldment of all the evolving units that we call men (humanity).

The third type of sensitivity which should occupy the attention of humanity, and one as yet little understood, is that it should act as a transmitting center of spiritual forces – soul force and spiritual energy united and combined – to the prisoners of the planet and to the lives held in embodied existence in the other kingdoms in nature.”  TWM pgs. 525-529

NEW_EARTH_7Regarding body, speech, and mind, it becomes apparent that body is what makes the third type of sensitivity functional. Being incarnated provides that humanity (human beings individually or in groups) can be trained to understand themselves as a transmitting center of spiritual forces and thereby effect liberation to/for the embodied existences in other kingdoms. Clearly, while humanity’s desire nature is self-focused, the liberation of other forms of life within Earth is not forefront. But the day will come when it is, just it has been forefront in the long past during Golden and Silver Ages.

aumsunEqually so, speech as vibration and its span is related to the progressive unfoldment of the human kingdom. Better said, vibration-speech represents the sounding of human beings individually and collectively as we evolve into the Voice of the Silence, into the Word made Flesh, and magicians wielding Sacred Words of Creation.

Mind, then, is the capacity for and sensitivity to the inflow of cosmic energy. Mind in all its levels and states is the same as these incoming cosmic energies. This is an exactitude in every way. There many examples of this sameness: a Buddhist monk meditating on compassion for others generated gamma rays from his mind, light as an expression of the nature of mind is experienced as clarity, lucidity, creative inspiration, intuition, and inventiveness. As x-rays can penetrate through the shape and form of things, so the trained mind can do the same. And the spectrum of learning styles, languages, and the conveyance of concept, idea, and philosophical or metaphysical matters is like unto the electro-magnetic spectrum itself. Electromagnetic-Spectrum-BLACK

It is precisely because humanity is body-speech-mind, a triune beingness, that the fourth kingdom can have the threefold sensitivity and function that Master DK reports. As each human being focuses on any of the three factors of being human, then because of the triune nature of them, the other two are brought forward or developed in some way. This can be seen in the layering of humanity itself, with people at various points on the path of spiritual maturity, varying emphases in how to live an incarnated life as part of planet Earth, and different trainings in sensitivity, for instance, the athlete, the humanitarian, the ecologist, the inventor, the mother or father, or the child. Each is living from a particular focus in sensitivity, but all contribute to the overall sensitive nature of humanity as a transmitting agent of cosmic energies into the planet and the kingdom.

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