Meditation: a thankful heart

Gratitude is always beneficial to one’s state of mind. Any moment can offer the opportunity for gratitude, which means that gratitude can be like waves through the day. Gratitude exudes, emanates. It is definitely felt by others, and it soothes one’s mind and emotions while providing perspective as well.

I was away from home for a few days. The situation would have been comfortable for most people, but not for a disabled body. Everything was physically demanding. On Monday night, my mind, emotions, and body just wanted to be home. But, not quite yet. A combination of supreme gratitude for my home and the total exhaustion that I was feeling only briefly focused on me. I thought of the hundreds of millions of people who are refugees or homeless due to war, local economies, poverty, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes, fires, age, political upheavals, or the drying up of certain types of jobs. I wept for these millions and millions of people whose environment or home no longer existed, or could be lived in, or whatever other circumstances brought about that misfortune. Then I thought of the trillions of animals whose habitat has been decimated, largely due to human activity.

Gratitude and a tired longing led quickly to a wide embracing compassion for all beings. My personal situation would be remedied the next morning, theirs would not; not the people all over the world or the animals on land or sea.

Our meditation is with “a thankful heart.”

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