Words are Vibration

Invite new words.  Expanding one’s vocabulary makes the mind more supple and thoughts more precise.

Words have roots, history, ambiance, and meaning. Words are vibration sounding, whether inside our head or being spoken. Articulation is the art of word-vibration. So, don’t be afraid of words. Ask what they mean, let the word, its meaning, roots, and vibration unfold within your awareness.

Some considerations about words.

  • Words define or describe the dense and the subtle. As we develop the language of the subtle, the vibration of the subtle becomes more tangible. Using only words that speak of the “dense” quality of everyday things, we are left with density and little recognition of the subtle, the refined, and the sublime.
  • Expanding our vocabulary expands our thoughts and mind stream. At first this is a process of information gathering, of stocking the mind with new considerations. Yet, as we hear new words and use them repeatedly, articulation becomes a vibrational process of invocation. We forget that our words are always invocative, generally they bring to us what we have stated. Using words of greater potency and higher vibration brings the same into us. Words, then, infuse us as we speak, ponder, and hear them.

Undoubtedly, there are many words the you comfortably use now that were unknown to you short years ago. How about these words: chakra, karma, quark, chondroitin?

  • Chondroitin is a natural remedy that relieves join pain and is taken by millions of people as well as given to pets for arthritic joints.
  • A quark is a quantum particle.
  • Karma is the ongoing feed-back loop of cause-result-cause-result and the evolution of awareness.
  • And chakra simply means wheel. It is commonly understood as one of the seven wheels or energy-centers within us.

As we understand and use these words, their meaning, efficacy, and potency increases. For example, chondroitin significantly relieves pain in the people and animals who use it and does so without side effects. It works for animals and people, and the vibration of chondroitin is purer and higher than prescription pain relievers because it is born of the Earth.

Words. They are powerful. Explore them!

(replay from March 2012 and again pertinent to OM AH HUM OM)

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  1. Linda Oliver says:

    I am so proud of the young people in Oklahoma! They have petitioned the School Board not to cut classes and enlarge classrooms. They are concerned that some students who need more help to learn the subject matter will not get what they need with the larger classrooms. And they realize that they need physical activities during the day while they are learning. Using words to get what we need.

  2. I really love the image – it shows the fifth chakra of verbal expression nicely.

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