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Good vibrations: mantra

Saying mantra is to be a human prayer flag. As the mantra sings in our mind or rolls off our tongue and mala turning fingers, the vibrations of Being pour out. Mantra is an excellent use of the mind, of … Continue reading

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Words are Vibration

Invite new words; don’t be afraid of them. Learning is empowerment. Expanding one’s vocabulary makes the mind more supple and thoughts more precise. Words have roots, history, ambiance, as well as meaning. Words are vibration sounding, whether inside our head … Continue reading

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Emanations of Self: 3

Most creation or origin myths start the same: a non-describable, unfathomable Beingness IS. The qualities stated of this Beingness include undefinable, ineffable, causeless, no-other, immeasurable pristine Awareness, and that Awareness is Beingness, Beingness is Awareness. There is no form, no … Continue reading

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Our Bodies

Our bodies are doing their best. For over 100 years, quantum physics has been telling us that our bodies are not dense collections of bones and organs but are, in fact, space, vibration and light. The vibrations are recognized by … Continue reading

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