Emanations of Self: 3

Most creation or origin myths start the same: a non-describable, unfathomable Beingness IS. The qualities stated of this Beingness include undefinable, ineffable, causeless, no-other, immeasurable pristine Awareness, and that Awareness is Beingness, Beingness is Awareness. There is no form, no formulation as in purpose, design, plan, expression; there is no thing. NON.

The congruity of the stories across human cultures, scriptures, and vast expanses of time of this origin-less Origin is astounding and of note.

NGC 6240A some point from within Beingness-NON-causelessness, a vibration arises or is noticed. This vibration (word, serpent, movement, breath) will become the cause of all creation. yet these variations on the theme are reporting non-differentiated yet distinct vibrating within NON-ness. This is the beginning. The arising of discontinuity or “disturbance” within NON-ness Awareness-Being is the first something being noticed. This is moment. It is also the first Self-Other. Words and concepts are created by the myth-making wisdom keepers of the world to restate that at this point they are not yet two. NON has given rise to a ONE that is the potential Self-Other Self-Self of all existence. It is the string of string theory, the Word that will create flesh and form, and the fohatic impulse into akasha that will create planes which will create states which will create apparent appearance, which we will call you, me, tree, and dove.

Often a dance ensues. Progenitor, alone and with no other, starts to twirl. Rhythmic undulations in NON-ness become pulse, breath, ecstatic swirlings of Awareness-Being in own Awareness of Being. “I am ThAT and THAT am I.” All of this is the first emanation of Self. Awareness-Being aware of awareness and being.

We might never know why this dance is orgiastic and blissful. Is that due to the fact that there is no other and therefore no fear, shame, awkwardness, embarrassment or feelings born of duality? Is this describing the true eternal state of existence: undulation, wave, implicit substrata order? Maybe what the less ancient Ancients (around 5000 BC) called Chaos is a reflection of their being out of step with cosmic order, as we are now? We, too, look out to vastness and use similar terms: entropy, random, dynamic, unknown.

Inevitably, rhythm created pattern-matrix within the inchoate and unformed. Rhythm has been its own incantation. Serpent is the response.

It is so within us too. We gaze into a sunset’s beauty and are enrapt; our moment stops. We watch a baby sleeping and everything shifts into a tunnel of babyness; the baby’s face illumines and is the face of all babies, of the miracle of birth, and of the Original Face. We wash our dishes and for a few minutes our mind is quiet and blank. But then within each of these and other common examples, a vibration begins. The vibration becomes a feeling or remembering, then mWhittling-with-Grandpaind, thought, plan, and action are reborn. When we had the luxury of time through repetitive thus rhythmic tasks like churning butter, whittling, hand sanding something, or tending a garden and lost in the miracle of Nature our thoughts had the opportunity to stop and then arise again out of that calming quietude.

Meditators, now and in the past, also experience relative no-thingness and then the spontaneous arising of Self-Other. Peaceful abiding is this experience. The beauty of it is its range. All aspects of meditation are like a single note on the musical scale. Any note can be played any octave. The range of the note is unlimited, likewise with method and resultant states within meditation. Peaceful abiding eventually becomes the experience of emptiness, no-thingness, no self, yet for everyone it starts out as simply a peace within the mind and space between thoughts.

If the factors are right, anyone can experience cosmic Is-ness and its self-same realization that “I am That, That am I.” It is sustaining of that realization in these worlds of reinforced distinction that is the challenge. Yet there is stunning congruity in what has been conveyed of high states of awareness-being by those who have. Even more so is the attempt by those who have experienced or reside in non-duality to convey the wordless and indescribable through words or symbols. And it can be argued that the human experience of NON (non-duality) can never be completely without other as long as the experiencer is incarnated. The nature of this state is profound, unwordable, and beyond concept, but there is a Knower, a meditator who maintains some sense of intrinsic wholeness.

All of these human examples are emanations of the Self-same primordial NON “that was in the beginning.” Peace, emptiness, equality, equanimity are possible because human consciousness is born of the the ultimate all enveloping Source which is NON. This capacity is from our cosmic DNA which is the first vibration that arose from NON-ness Awareness-Being.

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