Our Bodies

HUMAN ENERGY FIELD4Our bodies are doing their best. For over 100 years, quantum physics has been telling us that our bodies are not dense collections of bones and organs but are, in fact, space, vibration and light. The vibrations are recognized by their effect, thus called forces. The teachers down the ages have reminded us that thought matters, maybe more than anything else. How and what we think about things (including our bodies) is data to the body, information acted and reacted upon. We add to the wisdom of the teachers the excellent work of people Water Crystal Masaru Emotolike Dr. Emoto with water responding to words and thoughts and the work of cymatics where sound vibrations rearrange substances into patterns. Like the work of Emoto, if the vibration is melodious and harmonic the pattern or design is too, if it is chaotic or harsh, the pattern reflects that.

Our bodies (physical, etheric, emotional, mental, causal, and beyond) are comprised of varying states of vibration, space, and light. According to physics and metaphysics that’s the simple and glorious fact of it. Thought is vibration. Thought can have any spectrum of light quality to it, that being up to each of us. Give our bodies positive responses to the occasional statements or cries of vulnerability or need, and our bodies receive the kindness and love of those responses. The brain and psyche of a baby not smiled to but fed the necessary meals mal-develops cognitively and psychologically. This is incontrovertible. 6a00d8341cedee53ef0133f251a2b0970b-500wiOur bodies (all of them: subtle and dense) are our babies as well as the primary set of instruments used every moment of every day to convey our presence and desires. These bodies are our vehicles carrying our thoughts into words, words into actions, actions into lives lived and maybe a little service rendered. And in these times of change, with solar flares bombarding the planet with surplus light waves, the magnetosphere chiming and thus the entire planet ringing with the vibrations of those solar emissions, our bodies are doing their best to take in the unseen and adjust. And our etheric body is doing over time.

Let’s acknowledge our bodies and what they have to put up with and get through every moment of every day. Love and kindness, respect and acknowledgement is all our bodies are asking when   they don’t feel well, or slip and fall and get hurt. Remember it’s not you that has the broken foot, it’s your foot that is broken.

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