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The Christmas story told a kid’s way

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A small revolution in elementary education

Small things are big things, and big things begin in small ways. If you are a teacher, have children, or live in a neighborhood near an elementary school, check out these short videos sponsored by Edutopia (utopian education is the … Continue reading

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Webcast: Vibrational Excellence

All cosmos is vibration. The ancient teachers have taught this for millennia, now science concurs. This means that you, I, and everything around us is a spectrum of vibrating frequencies. The frequencies of anger or pride are lower than the … Continue reading

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Wake Up. Rise Up. Participate. 2

Nourish your soul. Nourish your body. Nourish your mind. You, me, your children, everyone you know or will never meet are beings of great potential and undiscovered qualities. Much of the world has been lulled into a stupor, a stressed … Continue reading

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America’s Form of Terrorist

Twenty-seven dead, 20 are children, the shooting is done at an elementary school. This is what America has produced. This is the height of our cultural insanity. And on cue, insult will be added to this rending injury when the … Continue reading

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