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The Christmas story told a kid’s way

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The Innocence of a Child

The image of a newborn baby laid in a manger is a striking one. It is one of innocence. I am struck at Christmas by the innocence of Christ’s untouched young mother, the faith of the man that would become … Continue reading

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Snowflakes and Blessings

May your day be blessed with a whiff of the sacred, the joyful, and the profound. May it arise out of the ordinary and familiar. Then may your smile of noticing spark a noticing for someone else, and the sparks … Continue reading

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More Layers of Meaning

What if the shepherds of the Christmas story represent disciples, and those of initiated consciousness, quietly working in the fields of human endeavor? What if Joseph represents the Father in Heaven, Sanat Kumara? What if Mary symbolizes Mother Gaia and … Continue reading

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