The Innocence of a Child

Manger-Nativity_tifThe image of a newborn baby laid in a manger is a striking one. It is one of innocence. I am struck at Christmas by the innocence of Christ’s untouched young mother, the faith of the man that would become his father and the trust of the kings from afar letting their hearts and a constellation guide them.

The incarnation of the Christ was intended to  renew human innocence as a powerful force of goodness. The forces of darkness tried to thwart this plan and contrived the baby-Christ’s death through Herod who sent death soldiers to find and kill every newborn or young male child. We’ll never know how many innocents were sacrificed in that massacre  called the Death of the Innocents.

Innocence has been lost since the flood, since the days of Atlantean consciousness. But with Christ’s birth, some higher power was giving humanity another chance. Here was a reminder of our childlike nature provided through the obviousness of a newborn baby, in poverty, born in a cave stable with only hay and beasts of burden to warm mother and child. Joseph and Mary had to trust those who sheltered them symbolically reminding us that we, too, could be in need at any moment. Karma is true, help others.

It is interesting that the Buddha’s birth and life were not dogged by violence. To me this speaks volumes of the intention behind the incarnation of the Christ. The dark forces did not try to kill the Buddha nor skew his teachings. Yet the Christ’s message has been adjusted, politicized and changed from the day he left incarnation. Words that the Christ never said have been passed down as dogma and scripture, usually those are the words of anger and separateness.

The Christ was light incarnate. The Buddha was too, as is each human being. The Buddha reminded us of our light. The Christ did too saying, “You (humanity) are the light of the world.” But, Christ also pointed to our innocence because innocence illumines the sparkle in every day and releases the joy of the heart. Innocence – simple, easily understood, and unblemished is very powerful, so much so that the dark forces sought to stop it.

Two thousand years ago a child was born. The birth of the Christ was a seeding for chang into the world  because of how he chose to be born. This Christmas season meditate on innocence. Let its authenticity declare the goodness of your heart. Help others, judge no one, say yes to kindness and courtesy and assist the growing heart of the world in every way. The light of innocence is a mighty power.

reposted from December 2013.

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