Our little incarnations

She cried when told that we couldn’t afford to rent a violin and was sad for days. She was 5 years old. My daughter is 27 now, and from the point of view of consciousness, I knew how significant that unmet yearning was. I cried too at the time and have several times since because I understood. She needed to play violin because of the reconnection to her wholeness that would provide. She had played the instrument in past lives, had found harmony of body, mind, and soul through it as well as friends, love, and joy, skill with numbers, order, and how things make sense. Playing violin in past lives had calmed the restlessness in her mind, a restlessness that needed peace through making harmony. But we were living week to week in those years, and sadly could not afford another thing.

More than ten years later, she picked up guitar for a while. It was too late. Her mind had been restless for too long, unmet by inner creative harmonies. People and experiences that would have been magnetized to her, taming her need for order and exactitude, could not come. The karmic magnet had not been catalyzed. Her whole life would have been different, and she a person more at peace and living with true inner and outer happiness had a violin been given to her as a child. She knew it then. Her tears were not the tears of a child denied candy at the checkout but the sobs of deep loss, a mourning of what would not be. As a soul that inability to bring forward a richness of Being through familiarity and skill would remain a theme and play itself out circumstantially over and over again. The die was cast for a tone of disappointment to the life instead of happiness.

Our children are little incarnations. They, and of course we, have been here before. They have developed love, skills, needs of the heart, gifts of the soul. Children display their past lives plainly from the time they are very young. Young ones who show physical aptitude such as the need for movement, natural dance, speed, or balance have been trained before. As a soul, they are trying to pick up where they left off with things familiar. Why? Because of the karmic magnet or vortex that each “meeting” is. As an inclination is met, it generates the next opportunity to be met again. The principle of “feedback loop” is an IS. It is what underlies electromagnetism’s self propagation such that light has a constant speed and is what creates the ongoing nature of the karmic-energetic roll out of probability for a person out of the plethora of all possibilities.

Desire for an instrument, especially a particular one, for art supplies and demonstration of an ability with them, language and verbiage skills, science, math tendencies or just natural deep wonder, all these are the soul and its past development trying to come forward and make this incarnation into what the soul intended. By building upon what is already established, especially that which the child does well, the soul is bringing forward confidence and joy. Not being met in those possibilities, the child begins not being met and other karmic patterns will tend to come forward. Skills of our past include kindness, generosity, patience, and care as well. These too need to be noticed and recognized for what they are: tendencies developed in lives gone by and seeking renewed avenues of expression.

Notice the little incarnations in your care. Notice them for what they are: big people with long histories in little bodies. Each child comes to the parents they do for opportunity, and the parent’s first job, in addition to love, is to notice and then in ways available to meet the incarnating soul’s need.

A few young ones who are living their joy:


Young salsa (watch it without sound the first time. You’ll notice the skill more.)

Ryan’s Well

Jackie Evancho

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