Awake Again: Jupiter and Venus Herald Our Newness

Jupiter and Venus herald the light these mornings. Their message of joy and wisdom is our dawn. We are reborn should we agree to that. We are the light that they represent.

Once again we are in a cycle of early morning awakeness. So if you find yourself snap-awake in the early morning hours, it is your soul calling. Rise with the two planet messengers of the soul and meditate. Jupiter represents the largess of consciousness, the width and expanse of its understanding, and the lightness of being that it lives. Because of lightness, expanse, and wholeness, consciousness is joyous, unruffled by the small things as it absorbs them into folds of the heart. Venus represents wisdom and the simple clarity that sees through to the essence of events, circumstances, and people. In this way then, Venus and Jupiter represent uniquely the open heart and its expressions of wisdom and compassion.

As they once again dance together, they herald the sun. Their dance is pre-dawn this cycle. If we recall in March they displayed their light in the evening, set against a deep blue-black sky. This time they bring the message of the great light that is the transformed sense of self represented by the Sun. They are like the trumpeters who announce the coming of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Jupiter and Venus call for us to remember our higher nature: compassion and wisdom and to create our day living these qualities.

Interestingly, Jupiter and Venus are inching into an alignment with Aldebaran – the Eye of the Bull, and with the Pleiades – the Seven Sisters who are the Seven Mothers. Jupiter and Aldebaran resonate similarly as the condensed power of truth and perception – and correspond during this alignment to the awakened ajna chakra at the brow called by some the Third Eye. Venus resonates with the heavenly coven of Matriarchs and takes her rightful position among them. In this way, the full range of the  power of the Divine Feminine is represented as well as our range of access.

In us Venus also can represent the illumined ajna center, and the Seven Sisters stand in for the “ring of application” that halos our head. It is a ring of secondary chakras that illumine as we awaken to our greater potential and is one of several evolutionary changes that is now within the human subtle system. Energetically, this alignment of planets and stars calls us to awakeness, specifically stirring the ajna chakra and minor head centers.

Anything that touches the ajna, by complementarity, beckons the better half of the solar plexus as well. Venus is often associated with the solar plexus and rightly so when Venus is vibrating with personal desire and our imagined drama of self. Yet the higher vibrations of Venus call to the higher solar plexus, another by-product of evolution within the subtle system.

Through much of human evolution the heart chakra expressed as our goodness, joy, care, and selflessness. Heart was the pure and higher virtues that a person could express and was applauded for doing. But over time, concurrent with the evolution of human mind and range of emotions resulting from both utilizing our natural ingenuity and capacity for oneness and the ongoing processes of spiritual infusion that every person is constantly experiencing, an evolution within the chakra system became possible. The heart chakra could evolve to become more and more universal in its amplification and reason for being, and the solar plexus could express the “personal heart” qualities. And so it is. Now a higher plexus thrives in those who are expressing a Path of altruism and the desire for the well-being of all beings, and is awakening in those for whom kindness and a less judgmental or harsh attitude is establishing. The Jupiter-Venus alignment calls to the fullness of the universal heart and the awakening of the higher plexus. Aldebaran and the Pleiades align us with the greater view of Reality, the potential of human consciousness, and our heritage as creative birth-points of a new Now.

So, as I posted back in March, if you find yourself waking up in the early morning hours, don’t lay there being upset that you can’t sleep. We are being called to awakeness! Get up and meditate. Look to the stars out your window. Learn to navigate by the greater lights within. Join the ranks of awakened wisdom and compassion.

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  1. Heidi Smith says:

    Hello, and thank-you for this thoughtful article. May I suggest that if you are speaking of actual planets that you also speak of the actual constellation they are transiting? You say “As they once again dance together (conjunct in Gemini), they herald the sun.” But this is not true – Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in The Bull constellation. Let’s keep it real.

  2. Heidi Smith says:

    This really is a very good article. Just read it again. And thanks for the correction.

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