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Solstice Mother Earth: An Amazing Design

North winds spin leaves around as Fall becomes early winter. We turn up our collars and turn up the heat. Winter Solstice is coming too; the sun shines less every day. The roundness of the sun, the silhouettes of bare … Continue reading

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Earth: a training ground for bodhichitta

Helping is what we are here for. It is the reason that human beings exist.  Our planet is designed as a training ground for bodhisattvas. This, about planet Earth, is expressed as the development of bodhichitta through the lives of … Continue reading

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Syllabus of the upcoming 6-wk online course.

Check out the syllabus for the first module of my new online series of courses focused on the Path of Humanity . The first set of sessions explores Transcendence and Immanence through our long history (theology) and contemporarily (the application of one’s … Continue reading

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An out-of-the-box exploration of The Path of Humanity

How is humanity flawlessly and consistently moved further along the path of human evolution? Starting next Tuesday, we will take an in-depth and out-of-the-box look at humanity’s path. We will explore the past and present in order to understand the … Continue reading

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Gone in a flash

The other day I was thinking that “humanity is doing it again.” But the thought was not about destruction or renewal, per se, but related to technology. Information is being rapidly phased out in a tangible form under the perceived … Continue reading

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