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Solstice Mother Earth: An Amazing Design

North winds spin leaves around as Fall becomes early winter. We turn up our collars and turn up the heat. Winter Solstice is coming too; the sun shines less every day. The roundness of the sun, the silhouettes of bare … Continue reading

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Oneness – non

  Featured graphic: Enchanted Full Moon from DeviantART

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Re-watching Lincoln

In honor and celebration of the removal of the Confederate flag from public buildings, tonight I re-watched the movie, Lincoln, with Daniel Day-Lewis in the leading role. Repeatedly through the debates in the House of Representatives, rancor included the concern … Continue reading

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Pisces full moon meditation

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Perfect 2: flawless

Perfect; definition: flawless I take refuge in the flawlessness of the Path. Not is some give in, give up, “Uncle” kind of way but in the understanding of how flawless the human experience is. I bow to its supreme wisdom, … Continue reading

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