Continuity of Consciousness 4

trispiralConsciousness-Awareness perceives all things equally. Ultimately, Consciousness-Awareness is no longer a mode of perception and existence is no longer a thing. But until then, we ordinary human beings ping-pong from distraction to distraction, from satisfaction or discontent to the next satisfaction or disappointment. All of these made possible by the apparatus of perception experienced and wielded by the sense of self.

Yet, if one holds any moment in neutrality, magic can happen. Continutity of Consciousness Jaroso 2 neutrality and awareness

Then a simple mathematical equation arises. 50% of the time, one’s experience will be contentment. 10% of the time, necessary action will be apparent. 40% of the time, we will find ourself – our habituations, rationalizations, desires, distractions, and arisings. Continuity of consciousness begins with recognizing the natural state of contentment that 50% of the time is our natural state, and then to provide for its continuation, generally through not interrupting it. Continuity of Consciousness Jaroso 3 satiety or contentment

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