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ImageIs reincarnation – rebirth – a fact to you? For the majority of those at the Continuity of Consciousness retreats, rebirth is recognized as true and valued for the opportunities that reincarnation provides. The participants understood that we are more than body and emotions, thoughts and appetites. We are energy and consciousness, some of which incarnates cyclically. People expressed various views about things such as unfinished business with others, or the ability to walk away from a person or situation but the energy of the interaction still being active, needing to be re-engaged at a future time.

Do you think that you have freedom in and with your life or do you live life according to a set of limitations? If freedom, is it primarily self-serving freedom? If constrained, who or what creates the limits?

Unique-Rubiks-Cubes-01-Irregular-IQ-CubeWe talked about freedom being a choice in the mind. The freedom to spend money, to be kind or not, to be creative or watch TV is freedom in that it is a moment of choice. There lies the freedom. Consequences will result from the choice made. If choice is made with future true and lasting freedom in mind, the choice will inevitably be one of kindness or generosity instead of feeding an addiction, or motivating oneself in some way. An energetic flow of freedom is set in motion or is perpetuated by such choices. Non-kindness, miserliness or greed, feeding an addiction, or the apathy of video games or TV do not result in freedom, but instead ensure future boredom, distraction, and unhappiness. Freedom, then, derives from being thoughtful and making a true choice versus an habituated reaction or rationalized denial.

In the retreat, this led to the idea of causes, conditions, and results. Continuity of Consciousness Milwaukee 4

The rubric of one’s life is turned, reshuffled, potentially solved or left unsolved every moment of each day. I offered that there are three things that, if done consistently, will change our life for the better: celebrate life, being kind in every moment, and being patient. Continuity of Consciousness MIlwaukee 5

 The Continuity of Consciousness Retreat is occurring one more time, January 7-10, 2015 at Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center in beautiful Leyden, MA. Organic food, amazing meditative environment, and profound teachings. Space is limited. Details and registration here.

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