Physics and Consciousness: 1

spiritual-path-235x156Consciousness is light. It might contain or act like other substances, it might behave like energy, but in simplicity consciousness is light. We know this because of the brightness that we experience in our mind when we have an idea, or when something makes sense, when clarity is gained, or when we are meditating and our inner field of awareness is luminous, sometimes even brilliant.

In the 1900’s a collapse of Newtonian physics was about to happen. That collapse would create the initial theories of quantum mechanics, and those first proposed ideas had to do with light. It would be an avalanche that has humanity still submerged in snow. Overall, most of humanity does not understand that there is nothing solid in the computer or smart phone that you are reading this post through. The majority of humanity still views an atom as a big dot with orbiting dots whizzing around it, if they even care to think about such things. And the reason why humanity still thinks, believes, and prefers the stability of a Newtonian understanding of existence is because it is tangible therefore secure. After all, Newton was clonked on the head with an apple thus “discovered gravity, right?? Solid things behaving in solid ways, right? Wrong in fact, but  it is a great myth about a great thinker.

Oldest-Light-Bulb-Still-Shining-After-110-Years-01It is interesting that light, not density or shape or gravity, caused the stir at the turn of the 20th century. Three problems confronted physics as their experiments and investigations kept refining, thus involving more of the very small versus the very big. The “problems” were:

  • thermal radiation: why something emits light when it is heated?
  • the so-called “photo electric effect”: why when light (photo) is shone on a pure metal surface that metal surface emits electrons (electric), and furthermore what effects the speed of the emitted electrons and what effects the intensity of the energy they contain?
  • heat capacity: how much energy is required to raise the temperature of an object by 1 degree Celsius?

barbat_sfera2Why should we care? Because these “problems” are the same bumps in the road that we encounter on the spiritual path! How is that? Because the spiritual path is a human being discovering that he or she is a light source in formation. Human evolution has to do with light, embodying it, creating through it, being it, thus the discoveries of quantum mechanics bring us eye to eye with the deeper and yet everyday mysteries of our self and of the spiritual path.

I am excited to teach a six-week online course on the quantum mechanics of consciousness. You will never look at yourself, your “problems” or your Path, at karma, discipline, or revelation the same again. The Path to Enlightenment is experienced according to the discovered laws of quantum mechanics, but of course, the Dalai Lama knows that which is why he has spear-headed and encouraged the research of meditation and physics.

Online classes are:

  • convenient: there when you are. If you can’t be there live due to time zone or responsibilities, be there by webcast when it works for you.
  • mind expanding: there is so much on the Web. It is quickly becoming our Library of Alexandria. My courses and my free lectures bring together thoughts and information from multiple disciplines and from my meditations and intuitive understandings with the hope that that combination sparks intuitive insight for you.
  • low carbon footprint: no gas/petrol, no travel, no babysitter, just you, a computer and a little electricity
  • affordable: Most of what I and Spirit Fire offer is free (daily online meditation training and group meditation sessions, full moon and Sunday world service meditations plus twice monthly lectures). Appreciation-donation to support that constancy of output is currently inadequate and necessitates the need for affordable tuitions for courses and classes. Your appreciation-donation is needed if you enjoy the “free” support of expanding your consciousness and its addition to awareness in the world. Please donate. Spirit Fire is a 501 (c)(3) educational organization. Add to Awareness.

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