Wake Up. Rise Up. Participate. 2

Nourish your soul.
Nourish your body.
Nourish your mind.

You, me, your children, everyone you know or will never meet are beings of great potential and undiscovered qualities. Much of the world has been lulled into a stupor, a stressed sleep walk. Nourish your soul. Wake up.

How one does that is up to each person. The options are many. And when you experience that its time to move on from one soul-food to another, go inside and ask why. Ponder deeply. Then if the reason is soul-full then have fun with a new soul nourishing adventure.

Nourish your body. How does it feel right now? If your body feels anything but vibrant, effervescent, and almost see-through then your body is not being nourished. My body has MS, yet even with its physical handicap it usually feels as described above. That comes from nourishment and nourishing. Wake up to your body. We only have one this lifetime. It cannot be replaced, and your body actually wants to serve you and be healthy.

Nourish your mind. Turn off the TV. Read history, science, philosophy, esoteric wisdom and metaphysical subjects. Ponder a symbol, compare mythologies from diverse times or parts of the world. Gaze into the sky. Nourish your mind. Learn to meditate. If you know how to, then meditate longer or once more a day.

Rise up into more of innate Presence. We are layers and layers of Being and Awareness. Expand your spectrum of Being. Engage Awareness. Let Awareness take its seat within and be the director of intentions.

Vibrant body, scintillating with its bio-energy field, is a sign of health and well-being. Its lack can be due to addictions (caffeine, sugar in any form, drugs), to unrestful sleep (cluttered space, traffic outside the home, trauma) and poisoning foods or liquids going into our body. Rise up to the improvements that you can make.

As an important aside: pharmaceuticals, caffeine, and sugar poke holes in the bio-energy field (aura). It, then, leaks vitality. In addition, the auric field has to expend energy to try to stop the leakage. This is a double decrease. Then if the reason for the auric holes is coffee or sugar from food, then the body and its bio-energy field are in a constant assault because we have more coffee and eat more foods laced with sugar. The body gets into a panic-mode. It knows it cannot ultimately sustain itself. This unsettled quality, however, is masked by the caffeine and sugar in how they feel in the body (clear or jacked up, temporarily satisfied or a craving momentarily fulfilled).

One way that the body tries to address this is by hoarding in the form of stored fat and water (water retention). Water retention is also a technique used by the body to isolate toxins. GMOs are toxins, fluoride and chlorine in drinking water are toxins, sugar in any form is a toxin. Pesticides on food, anti-biotics in meat, and stress hormones in meat or fish from being raised inhumanely are toxins and are tucked into fat molecules or surrounded with water as a form of isolating these dangerous chemicals. Some of these also make holes in the bio-energy field. So we get fat and have less energy. Rise up. There is so much that each person can do for their health and well-being. While taking care of yourself and family, you are also caring for the Mother Earth, animals raised for slaughter, the soil and water. As we decide to nourish our body, we end up nourishing all bodies in some way.

Rise up. Participate in well-being. Acknowledge if you are addicted to a substance, to denial, to gambling or escaping. Participate in the shame and hiding that you feel. Only then can well-being gain ground.

All of the above nourish our mind. We have to care, inquire, investigate, learn, and apply. To engage the well-being of our body or nourish our loved ones, we have to expand the information that we work with, and then leave denial behind. Why? because denial is illusion and only convenient in the moment. Its results are never positive. It sounds radical. Instead, it is being aware and more fully alive.

Wake up, rise up, participate.

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