Wake Up, Rise Up, Participate: 1

Russell Brand begins this series. It could also be called Inspire, Educate, Join the Change. December 21, 2012 seemed to come and go quietly. Not so. Our Mother Earth is exerting herself. She, like a baby in the womb, is expressing to those on the surface, I am here, do not harm me. I am here, be kind to me. I am here, you are necessary to my existence.

We look in any direction and can visibly see disregard, disrespect, dismay, and disease. This is because of stories we repeat to ourselves, the narrative that is sold to us, and the distractions designed to constantly pull every human being from core authenticity and humanness. Wake up, cause no harm. Rise up, your are responsible for your life. Participate; apathy is a disease of the soul.

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