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Wake Up, Rise Up, Participate: 1

Russell Brand begins this series. It could also be called Inspire, Educate, Join the Change. December 21, 2012 seemed to come and go quietly. Not so. Our Mother Earth is exerting herself. She, like a baby in the womb, is … Continue reading

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Streams and Forms

Symbol Reader’s posts are always insightful. Her development of a subject is resonant with my mind, and she draws upon sources that are wide culturally and often unfamiliar to me. Therefore, I look forward to every post. A few of … Continue reading

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A Journey Within: 8

Kindness began this morning with the pre-dawn birds. They call me to meditate, and I do. Ponlop Rinpoche uses the analogy of having a vajra master be your wake up call for living a tantric path. The method would be … Continue reading

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May we come undone.

Love deepens, expands, loosens, comes undone. Thoughts unnecessary don’t exist. The ones that do are like mountains lasting the forever of necessity until complete. Then they are undone. Energy is present, sometimes amazingly so. And I feel the patience of … Continue reading

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End Aparteid in Palestine

Israel is repeating what was done to the Jews in World War II to the Palestinian people, and the US funds it. End it now. I would be a hypocrite to my practice of compassion if I did not say … Continue reading

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