A Journey Within: 8

Robin Dawn by Bue Eyed Tricksters at DeviantArt

Robin Dawn by Bue Eyed Tricksters at DeviantArt

Kindness began this morning with the pre-dawn birds. They call me to meditate, and I do. Ponlop Rinpoche uses the analogy of having a vajra master be your wake up call for living a tantric path. The method would be a bucket of cold water so that you can’t roll over and snooze again. We do that – snooze – when awakeness is every moment. I’m enjoying the bird’s vajra master approach.

Next kindness was my body, that after meditation, was strong enough to greet the morning sun while planting herbs on a hill. Each moment had to be mindful, as well as mantric.

Early morning recitations were joined by another kindness: the neighbor who had been asked to bring down the trash barrels on garbage day. That had been arranged before I arrived, and I would not be able to do that physically even if I wanted to, so it was a great kindness. I called and thanked him. He was surprised.

Kindness was in the form of a googled recipe for black bean and corn salsa. Someone, actually several, had put her recipe on the web available for free to anyone anywhere to enjoy. I’m of the generation of recipe swaps, which was the only way to do it pre vibrant world web. We might not think about it every time we “search” something, but it is total kindness that what we want or need pops up so effortlessly.

And then my husband called to wish me Happy Anniversary. It’s 31 years today, and we lived together for almost 7 before that. The sweetness of his call will be with me through the day. He’s such a good man, helpful to many people. He is one of the millions who are living a bodhisattva way (without knowing that or calling it that), and who do not have the Time magazine cover mentioned in the previous post.

I believe, and science is now showing, that we are hardwired for kindness. All of our biological, emotional, and psychological systems function better with and during kindness. Imagine if all ethics where based upon it, if all governments were ruled by its universal principle, and if it were humanity’s common default. Until that day, and as long as space remains, may those who bring kindness into the world be multiplied a billion-fold.

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Friendly Reminder

  • Keep an ear out for Snake, Rooster, and Boar in your mind throughout the day.
  • The post to remind us. More is coming on that. A Journey Within: 4
  • And The Practice of Living Awareness meditation is free and online seven days a week at Living Awareness Meditation.

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