Wesak is coming: 2

In meditation I asked, “What is Taurus?”

Cups, Empress, and the Wheel of Fortune was the response.

TarotCupsSuitCups to be filled, cups to be emptied.
Cups to be drunk, and wheels set in motion.
Cups that are vessels, chalices, ones filled with ritual oblations, and precious butter lamps. Cups.
Taurus is the energy of plenty, its loss, lack and gain.
Taurus is the bowl of a smile from appreciation and sense of worth, of good value, and beauty. Taurus is the bowl of the ajna-brow open to receive any insight, full of awareness, empty of thought. Cups.

Taurus is the chalice of the heart awakened through relation, chastened through service. Taurus is the foundation of the world and of the kundalini serpent fire resting in the cup of form.

Jennifer Elizabeth Moore A Blue Witch Design

Jennifer Elizabeth Moore
A Blue Witch Design

Taurus is the Empress, temptress, harlot, Queen of Heaven, Ruler of Day and Night.
Taurus, the Empress is the Mother of the Buddhas, her empire is emptiness, her kiss is sunyata. Queen of Heaven, she is Sophia and her wisdom song along with the harmonies of the Sun resound through her body the Earth. Temptress, Taurus is form, shiny, sparkly, the sensuous textures of life. Taste, smell, fleeting whimsical desire, and the chase. Taurus is harlot, pimped out to anyone who will pay the price. She is not to be blamed, as the victim never is. We blame the harlot: addiction-craving-loss-and fear. We are afraid to take this bull of self respect by the horns and look into its tired eyes and see our self. So we are ruled day and night by shadows, our cup half empty.

wheel of fortuneTaurus is the Wheel of Fortune set in motion by the ancient Moon, set in motion by our needs, comforts, and fluctuating light. Until the cup becomes the chalice the wheel will like a waterwheel turn, filling, emptying, gaining only to dump out. Fortune becomes the wish for others, that all might be fortunate. The Wheel turns and becomes a potter’s wheel used by the artisan-the soul for beauty and purpose. The Wheel turns more and we become the “fortunate one” emptied of self, the cup of an earthly incarnation completely available for the well-being of others. We become the Empress who is the Cup-Womb-Source-Emptiness free of the Wheel and a source of all that is precious. What fortune!

Annually under the full moon of Taurus, a sacred cup is set etherically in the Wesak valley. It will be filled by the waters of life. This chalice-bowl sits before the Christ, the heart of Hierarchy, the Grail-chalice. And under the full moon the kundalini of a waking humanity will be charmed, our serpent wisdom called from the depths of the psyche by the temptress Queen of Heaven. All will align, even the veiled four of Aquarius (waters of life) pouring into the bowl-grail of Taurus, placed before the heart Christ Leo, calling forth the entombed humanity Scorpio.

One Wesak, under the full moon’s light, we will see and be free. So said the Buddha as he touched the earth upon enlightenment.



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