To practice mindfulness is to place oneself on its hook. It is a call to truth presenting in the moment, as the moment, and through one’s relation to Truth of Being. Buddha Shakyamuni exemplified this and taught others how to abide in the radical simplicity of Truth of Being.

Mindfulness is not supposed to be easy. It is rigorous. Mindfulness is to keep the flame of Awareness constantly bright through one’s day. It is to stoke the fires of clarity with the defilements of a self-referencing mind and the ego’s whining. Mindfulness is naked, raw, and messy because through it we are engaging the truths of our hypocrisies.

Here is an example to illustrate.

Getting a new cell phone and telling someone about it.
– First, there is blaming of the cell phone for its newness and one’s learning curve.
– Next, there is the felt need to rationalize the purchase.
– A tone of complaint tends through the telling of story, done with a smile and a laugh, of course.
– There is no joy or celebration in the fact of the purchase of a new phone, though it was pure choice to do so or not.
– Finally, there seems to be no understanding that the money spent on the phone/and its yearly package is more than a billion and maybe three billion people in the world make in one year. With that, there is no thought of others who live in abject dire poverty, or that one could change one’s relation to the current cell phone and do something else with the funds.

Mindfulness is a noble pursuit. To choose it is to call upon the highest intentions and possibilities of a person. Mindfulness is not something less, but is the intention to live the more that one truly is. At the heart of the practice of Mindfulness is the doctrine and truth of Being of Tathagata garbha (the Suchness of Buddha nature that is the embryonic truth of Being of all beings). As such, Mindfulness is never to be a decrease or a way by which the three ego-Lords high jack the spiritual Path.

May our intentions for mindfulness bear luminous compassionate fruit.

om_mani_padme_hum_by_nezyGraphic: Om Mani Padme Hum from Nezi on DeviantART

*repost from August 2015.

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