A Journey Within: 14

mom and babyOur body is designed to perform miracles: the miracle of birth, healing, producing sustenance for our young, and the miracles of helping and caring. Our body, like other nature-based forms such as trees and animals, is designed to thrive until it no longer can. Then an equally natural process begins: the breaking down of the form. When left to its own design, given what it needs and not much more, left unpolluted and unpoisoned, our body will live happily and healthily for many decades.

There are many reasons why anyone experiences illness or disease. The majority have to do with experimentation upon populations, some as widespread as air or water pollution, others more circumscribed like nuclear fall-out from test sites or reactor malfunctions. Fluoridation and aluminum pans rank up there with mosquito spray for widespread untold effects. Now we have the specter of genetically modified food unlabled and therefore unknown being sold at profit margin to an unaware public.

In addition to the human made sources of physical affliction we must add the evolutionary factors of karma and energetics. The energies of arising and changing consciousness will report in our body that they have not been noticed in mind, emotions, or awareness. Energies move through our body even if we don’t understand energetics. For example, from an energy-consciousness point of view, many heart-conditions are fueled by the energy of the heart chakra as it pulses the vibration of “have a wider concern,” “be gentle and kind,” “don’t give in to separatism or selfishness” through the person. One hears these thoughts in one’s conscience, is aware of the “right thing to do,” but if one consistently choses selfishness or small mindedness, then the heart will engineer a wake up call. If Western medicine considered this component of health and well-being, true cures of the soul would be possible. But alas.

As stated in Journey 1, the initial impetus to going on sabbatical-meditation isolation was because the Multiple Sclerosis in my body has recently caused more disability. I needed to get away to sort out feelings and get used to this new level of disability. That the goodness of meditation, insight, and a book might come from this time are held in the energy of prayer and aspiration.

child and sunflowerI write this post for everyone. Most people take better care of their car than their body. It can only be healthy if you help it. It can only help you if you help it. Mother Nature and all her natural resources has served our bodies since time began. Return to Nature. Return to well-being.

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  1. aaremo says:

    So true, many people completely disregard their bodies, ignorant of just how important their health is. I’ve had a string of bad health since I was 7 and had cancer and then immune system problems throughout my childhood and chronic fatigue syndrome or ME. It’s been a struggle to get my balance back and I still have bad days…but meditation and healing work like qigong and breathing techniques, yoga etc has been invaluable! I hope it helps you and gets you at least stabilised. Here’s a lovely and powerful relaxation technique I just found http://youtu.be/_nTaRR5CWrM maybe it’ll be of some help

    • Thanks for the link, and for sharing something of your journey. I love broad based history, and look at for large sweeping trends and changes within humanity. The truth is, apart from plagues that would occasionally sweep through an area or the ravages of war or natural weather cycles, human beings were largely disease free until recent history. The proof is how people died and the methods of healing used through history. People generally died of old age or from an injury that was too much for the body to heal from; and the medicinals where for the most part from the Earth and energy medicine processes on every continent. That actually suggests that humanity was, overall, healthier than now. I have no doubt that humanity is the lab rat of materialism, that greed is vampiristically killing its host and the world. However, I also have faith in the intelligence of humanity once it knows truth. The unfortunate thing is that, per one of your recent posts, we are a distracted species right now, largely due to technology and numbed ignorance. This is why the blogosphere is important, add to that youtube, TED, and such. We can save ourselves if we chose, just like you did with your health and well-being and I did too. I will help my body the best I can with help from Mother Nature and meditation. My spirit is doing fine.

      Thanks for the link. That meditation is familiar to me. Sacred resting is really important for our well-being. Peace!

      • aaremo says:

        Yes I totally agree Donna. I read that at the turn of the 20th century only about 1 in 20 or 30 people got cancer. Now it’s nearly 1 in 2. That’s a monstrous increase….monstrous! I know there are many factors involved like living longer, etc, but generally I think the problems are lifestyle and environmental. Plus the fact we are so disconnected from the natural world. It’s so important for us as a species to find the balance we have lost.

        Sounds like you are doing all the right thing. Your spirit is more than fine, it’s amazing! 🙂

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