Where Do You Go After You’ve Been to the Moon?



In a comedy clay animation film A Grand Day Out, Wallace and Gromit, an inventor and his faithful dog, build a rocket in their basement and fly to the moon to sample some cheese (everyone knows that the moon is made of cheese…). What I adore about this timeless duo is their relationship. Gromit communicates only through facial expressions ad body language and does so ingeniously, like a pantomime artist. Wallace is a bachelor with delightful quirks, a pair of timeless slippers and a cozy waistcoat. They live in a tiny cozy bubble of their own world, building bizarre contraptions together and not needing the outside world to be blissfully happy together.  I think it was a brilliant idea on the part of the film creator to send the two of them to the moon because theirs is a perfectly lunar relationship. They understand each other without words, they…

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