February Day of Meditation for the World

This new year is already showing its character: new. New coronavirus variants, new administration in the White House with new information and truth-talking every day from its podiums. A third, new vaccine for the virus will be rolling out before or around Spring. The US is back at the tables of world conversations about climate change and support of Nature, the future of the world and world economies, nuclear weapons, a fresh eye on dictatorships, domestic terrorism, and equality. Fresh, sane, and tilting toward honest are qualities of this new year.

As above, so below; as the macro, so the micro. This ancient maxim states the obvious: energy is energy; if a quality is demonstrating on the collective scale, it will assuredly demonstrate on, within, and for the individual. New, sane, and more honest are three characteristics that I have noted, but maybe you have noted others. What matters for each of us is to recognize the invitations as they happen. These will be to greater wholeness and to more ease and well-being for the planet and one’s self. Wisdom lies in giving such overtures due attention, diligence, and joyful effort.  The people and environments around us, and the world of which we are a part, will rejoice as we do.

Soften and open to the new and the possible is February’s theme for A Day of Meditation for Humanity and the World.

Date: Saturday, February 6 from 8 am to 3 pm Mountain Time

The schedule is the same as usual. The link to join for part or the whole Day of Meditation is the usual one also.


  • 8 am MT: Set the focus, meditate.
  • 9 am MT: A visual presentation on equanimity
  • 10 am MT: Directed outside contemplation/meditation
  • 11:00: Meditation
Noon: Lunch for 1 hour.
  • 1 pm MT: discussion, Q&A
  • 1:30 MT: Meditation
  • 2 pm MT: short presentation
  • 2:20 MT: closing meditation

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