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A Journey Within: 13

The heart of awareness is existent and non-existent, is non-definable and defined only by itself, is void of all attributes and womb of all qualities. The heart of awareness is non-locatable and perceived everywhere, is boundless and limits itself through … Continue reading

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A Journey Within: 12

With a wish to free all beings, I shall always go for refuge to Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha until I reach full enlightenment. Enthused by wisdom and compassion, today in Buddha’s presence I generate the Mind of full Awakeness for … Continue reading

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A Journey Within: 10

Went out after dawn meditation this morning to chop long grass that had been pulled from beds so as to make a mulch. Got to the beds and … hmmm, a two-legged had been to them. The lettuce seed bed … Continue reading

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A Journey Within: 9

Hours and days of meditation provide opportunity to clarify one’s practice. Patanjali was clear in his Sutras about the stages leading to and then within meditation: right withdrawal – pratyahara concentration – dharana meditation yogically understood – dhyana absorption – … Continue reading

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A Journey Within: 3

On the outside, this journey within was instigated by a couple of things: an increase in the disability of my body which has MS, and the management of Spirit Fire now being fully and superbly done by someone else. Both … Continue reading

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