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“Because the bodhisattvas have no attainments….”

Homage to stainless Manjushri Precious roar of the Dharma. One of the less obvious teachings within the Heart Sutra is the insistence of transcending any and all constructs of thought or conceptualizations. This includes ideas of emptiness, the Buddha, the … Continue reading

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Perfect 4: unstained

Perfect: pure, unstained, unblemished, just right Our last installment of Perfect is sparked by the words of the Heart Sutra, “not stained, not separated from stains.” This post is also the result of watching a dad and his young son … Continue reading

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A Journey Within: 3

On the outside, this journey within was instigated by a couple of things: an increase in the disability of my body which has MS, and the management of Spirit Fire now being fully and superbly done by someone else. Both … Continue reading

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