advancing meditation: what matters is space

What is space?

One might reply with another question, such as why kind of space? Interstellar, the space before my nose, the space between my ears, the space between thoughts or between atoms, quarks, or neutrinos, the space of silence after love-making, what kind of space?

From a meditative point of view, it’s all the same. Furthermore, the fact that there are so many reference points in which the term “space” is used reports that “space” is undefinable. Yet, in meditation practice, space is what matters.

We discover more about truth of being through the variety of ways that space can be engaged, recognized, breathed, let alone, let be, or entered. For example, in Buddhist meditation practice, one technique refers to “the gap.” What the gap is is often non-descript, but the practitioner is to experience it nonetheless. The space between thoughts is related to this.

To allow space is another technique. Simply allow arisings to arise. This is done with the full confidence that they are empty of reality, thus they are space and will dissipate into space, which is itself simply an arising experience.

Vipashyana is about deconstruction. All that’s left is space.

advancing 041218 space is what matters

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