advancing meditation: insubstantial by nature

What is mind? What is focus? What are we doing when we attempt to hold our mind steady in the light?

OM sarva dharmabhava svabhava. This Sanskrit phrase from the Manjushri mantra states that the nature (bhava) of all (sarva) phenomena (dharma) is non-nature (abhava). Or said otherwise, all phenomena are insubstantial by nature.

Vipashyana is the on-the-cushion and off-the-cushion practice of learning to view through our common perceptions and apparatus of perceiving, through the phenomenal display of seeming reality, to that which is the truth. But, what is truth?

One will come to know this increasingly as one begins to undo the densifications of thought, ideas, concepts, and constructs within one’s mind. These are all temporary, serve purpose while they do, but then must be left aside. They are simply the constructs of learning to be a human being within social structures. For instance, an adult has left behind or put aside the idea of Santa Claus as an existing, particular human being. Rather, the spirit of generosity is more the correct understanding behind the image of Santa Claus. Furthermore, generosity is limited to a holiday or to other contrived factors. All beings have generosity of heart and spirit at their core. All people could be as happy and free-spirited as St. Nick every day, if one chooses. The phenomena of St. Nick is insubstantial, but the truth of generosity is truth.

Our meditation session continues in the vein of establishing acuity of mind so that Awareness as it is, free of contents and personal factors, can be experienced. Even if only for a second.

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