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“Because the bodhisattvas have no attainments….”

Homage to stainless Manjushri Precious roar of the Dharma. One of the less obvious teachings within the Heart Sutra is the insistence of transcending any and all constructs of thought or conceptualizations. This includes ideas of emptiness, the Buddha, the … Continue reading

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A radical new identity

What if our idea of being human is off the mark? What if we are not primarily homo sapiens but are bodhisattvas? This is my thesis: that the true expression of being human is an ever-greater illumined consciousness, an ever-wider … Continue reading

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Engaging the Bodhisattva Heart of Humanity

What if the very purpose of humanity is to bring forward the ingenuity and clarity of compassion in every regard? This webcast introduces that idea as well as three upcoming online course in this regard. 1.The heart and its power … Continue reading

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Engaging the Heart of Humanity: free webinar

We are familiar with the idea of common sense, but does it always lead to common good? What is common good and how can humanity engage it in a way that benefits all life on Planet Earth? This presentation defines … Continue reading

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Full bodied cooperation and the undoing of negativity

Original post from Bonnie Origen on The Wisdom Journal with some (my) additional thoughts. Thanks, Bonnie! Humanity’s expansion carries with it strains and dis-harmonies that are the inevitable effect of aspiration and application. We are blessed to have now available … Continue reading

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