A radical new identity

What if our idea of being human is off the mark? What if we are not primarily homo sapiens but are bodhisattvas?

This is my thesis: that the true expression of being human is an ever-greater illumined consciousness, an ever-wider and inclusive caring for others, and the genius of creatively living life from an interconnected and interdependent understanding of it.

Bodhisattva is a Sanskrit term. It is both easy and challenging to interpret because Sanskrit words often present concepts of reality versus simple definitions of things. Bodhi refers to the light and clarity of awareness, to awakened reasoning, to the light of the heart, and to expressing these.  Sattva means being, as in a being like human being. It also means a balanced or harmonized way of being, a peaceful way of being, or a centered and holistic way of being.

I believe that human beings are bodhisatvas; or said differently, that the purpose of being human, versus an animal or plant or ghost, is to live from the light of pure being that we essentially are. Doing so, would change everything on Earth, everything in one’s life, and everything forever. Living from an awakened heart and the wise awareness that comes from that would quickly undo the sources of greed, poverty, war, violence, aggression, pride, and bigotry. We would live from the genius of intuition and know how to bring betterment forward effectively and efficiently as a collective humanity.

To call ourselves homo sapiens is to recognize that human beings think (sapien), but nothing more. Little recognition is given to the more full hard-wiring of each of us for goodness, kindness, caring, and altruism. I believe it’s time for a radical re-identification of humanity through the recognition of our true nature as human beings. We are bodhisattvas.

I’ve created a new online series of courses, four weeks each, to explore this subject and demonstrate the evidence in you and in humanity that support this as true.

  1. The first online course takes up the alchemy and transformative nature of the collective human consciousness through the common experiences of every day life.
    Through The Entanglement Theory, bio-dynamic field resonance, and morphic field interactions science, we will recognize that shared consciousness are real and that each human being matters to the whole. That course begins Thurs., Feb. 18. Register soon!
  2. The second four-week online course will explores  Bodhichitta (heart-mind) as it permeates the petal system of the chakras and transforms every aspect of a human being. The development of the chakra system, due to the unfolding of the petals, is how human beings evolve in common and spiritual ways. That evolution creates humanity’s destiny of service to Earth and the local cosmos. Bodhichitta, the power of the awakened heart-mind, provides the means to this planetary and cosmic result. This course begins May 5.
  3. The third four-week course will examine the Yoga of Clear Light and the Path to Enlightenment that is available to all human beings and has been experienced by people of all faiths and traditions. This course beings June 16.

Join me in a radical identity transformation! As you engage your Truth of Being, everyone around you will feel the vibrational shift, which will inspire them to do the same. And, what am I encouraging? Your Being: your awakened heart, and illumined mind.

Spread the word: bodhisattva!

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