Awakening pt. 1

Last night, a waxing sliver of the moon set into the darkness; with it, and slightly west, Venus sparkled. She is a guiding light.

Through the last few months, you have likely noticed the dancing duo of Saturn and Jupiter traversing the night sky. I am awed each clear night that I see them. No matter how cold it is outside, the porch is my destination. I feel that all the planets are shining their light in witness to our potential. Additionally, through their particular energies and methods, the planets are instigators and guides. Each of these luminous beings have the noble roles of mentor, teacher, support and assistance. They offer width of perspective and sprinkle their offerings with a dash of humor.

Mars has joined Saturn and Jupiter plus unseen Pluto has been dancing with the two big planets since early this year. Before any astrological thoughts are offered, let’s revel in the marvels of the sky. These amazing beings are constant in their beneficence, ever steadfast in creating thresholds for us to cross and doors for us to walk through. Individually and collectively, transits have the purpose of promoting the new through highlighting that the old is old, or that the old is no longer functional, or that the old never actually was functional from the vantage point of truth, equanimity, compassion and wisdom. So many people are doing beneficial things with their time right now: reaching out to family and friends instead of focused on a Facebook feed, plus cleaning, clearing, sorting, organizing. Some are walking out in Nature because the gym is closed or doing yoga on Zoom with others. Gardens are on many people’s minds, including those who have never gardened before. These are examples of the old use of time being put through a new lens. Excellent!

There are so many videos circulating and offerings of meditation, spiritual workshops, energy balancing, and COVID-19 updates online that I don’t want to add to complexity or overwhelm. With that in heart-mind, whatever rolls out on Blazing Light will be at a gentle pace.

Be well, meditate, and pray that humanity grows through this world-event. Invoke the best in you each moment of each day. You are a heart beating with the world.

much love, donna

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  2. shepp44 says:

    Donna, I love reading this over and over. I feel the planets’ presence and guidance, like a huge smile. Your words capture something wonderful in expressing that! Thank you.

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