Esoteric Astrology Layers 2: Uranus

In Greek mythology, Uranus is the sky. He was the “father in heaven” in that Sky/heaven and Uranus are one. He “slept” with Gaia and the first creatures of the Earth were born. Astrologically, this signifies that Uranus’ energies and qualities must be brought to earth, otherwise they remain aloof and un-embodied.  The descent of Uranian energy seeds or impregnates the matter aspect with something new. The new will re-form that which was.

That process can take time, like seeds sprouting in proper season. Or they can manifest in radical ways. The latter is called revolution. Reformation is actually a re-formulation of the current state of the matters at hand. The re-formulation will produce that which will move the evolutionary development of the original impulse along. “Re” words are Uranian. Implicit in a “re” word is the original intention and the current form or state of the thing being renewed. Therefore, when Uranus is active as an astrological influence in the world or on a personal level, its insistence is a resurgence of an original divine intention and design.

The Uranus square with Pluto has been an ongoing methodical turning of tiles on the rubric cube of human endeavors. One must be mindful with the idea of the exact squares of Uranus/Pluto that have found prominence in astrological literature over the last few years. The exact minute of an aspect is of value to know, especially if both planets station on that minute of a degree, however, these two planets have been in square by degree for over three years, and on and off several times in the last 1/4 century. Uranus is ever the herald of new possibilities just as Pluto brings completion to the state of what is. As such, an onlooker might or might not see blatant transformation on the world scene but will see change expressing through untethering and dismantling of the current forms of ideas and systems which, in their cycle of time, were once new energetic seed. Yet on a personal level, I’m sure you have experienced futility with what is (in some manner) and an insistence to move on from that which frustrates or limits your freedom to be. At the same time, the radical awareness of interconnected (rubric) has also dawned, and you are becoming ever more aware of the small things that are big influences or causative of collective dis-ease and limitation.

Exoterically, Uranus rules Aquarius and the 11th house.
Aquarius is a sign of circulation – flow. Planets in the 11th house are to be used, in other words: to be given the freedom of flow and expression. They will often seek to express through situations in which the native is a part, a cog, or an instrumental component. If the native hangs back and denies the gifts of these planetary qualities, the native’s flow will be off.

Aquarius is a fixed sign. For all its orientation toward change, stability is very important. Planets in the 11th house will bring stability to the native. However, if lived from a cautious (stable) point of view, they will have no flow. Stagnation or bottled up potential will be the result.

This is the curious dynamic that humanity is living right now. The Age of Aquarius is already being experienced as a curious mix of one foot on the gas of change while the other foot is on the brake. Global pollution is an example. Convenience is the source of pollution of every kind. Lasting change to pollution requires first a transformation of the sense of entitlement that goes with convenience for the individual. As one increasingly understands the impact to the whole in any/all regards, then the new ways will find ground.

Esoterically, Uranus rules Libra and the 7th house.
On this level, Uranus is the spark of ideas that ignite relation, keeps relation evolving, or dooms the relation. The later case is because ideas are not shared or are antagonistic among the partners. Planets in the 7th house are instrumental in relation, partnerships, and interactions that either have or create structure. Uranus is the mental component of this spark. It ignites newness or change in partnerships or relationships.

Globally and personally, this level of Uranus points to the mind as the creative thinking and insight process. “As the slayer of the real,” mind rationalizes, negates, dismisses that which is real and important. Wars, genocide, occupation, abuse, sources of profit that cause disease or impoverishment of others, and such are examples of this. Then there are the personal manifestations of the same. Yet, Uranus is the sky – it is vast, empty of clutter, and thus unobstructed. When human beings understand that “me” “my” “I deserve” “I won’t give” are based in selfish desire and not in clear-mindedness, then the power of clarity is released and can produce new forms of society, politics, business, and relations.

Hierarchically, Uranus rules Aries and the 1st house.
On this level, Uranus is the insistence of LIFE. Life is dynamic, catalytic, and expresses through ongoing Change. Life is the ultimate adventure, the always new beginning, the moment as it is, the Now (Aries).

The hierarchical level of both planetary ruler and sign it rules express the highest nature of both planet and sign. Can these be lived? They are being lived and are the undercurrent macrocosmmic principles of existence. Can a person access this level of planet or sign? Yes, by acknowledging oneself as pure life, enhancing life, negating nothing.

In one’s chart, this essential energetic is seen in the ascendant or rising sign (ASC), no matter what sign it is. The ASC is the injunction of the Soul – or pure Being – for the life (the incarnation). As such the ASC is like Uranus, the sky: potential, and the intention or design for the incarnation. The incarnation (the chart) is Gaia – the life to be lived – according to divine intention. The sign of the ascendant is:

  • a high goal.
  • a lofty pursuit.
  • a stretch.
  • It requires change of every aspect of the personal nature and seeds the future for ongoing change.

The Ascendant holds the highest energetic of the chart. The ASC rules the chart, just as the sky rules the earth. All matters of functioning of plant, animal, and human function according to the sky’s relation to the earth. So it is in our chart: the ASC rules the chart and is as the sky from an esoteric astrology perspective. This is how it is a lofty goal and worth our inventiveness and initiative to accomplish. The ASC represents a noble pursuit, worthy of our attention and manifestation. To do so will stretch us beyond the comforts of self-concern. And to live the excellence of the highest level of the ASC will require Uranian style reformulation, renovation, and revolution within how we view our self and our role in the world. Increasingly, this will lead to liberation and authenticity for the person and the same for humanity. Liberation is a pure expression of both Aries and Uranus.

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