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Tibetan Imagery and Thangka Symbolism webcast

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The Paramita of Wisdom

Subhuti asked, “Is it possible, O Lord, to hear the perfection of wisdom, to distinguish and consider her, to make statements and to reflect about her? Can one explain, or learn, that because of certain attributes, tokens or signs this … Continue reading

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Perfect 4: unstained

Perfect: pure, unstained, unblemished, just right Our last installment of Perfect is sparked by the words of the Heart Sutra, “not stained, not separated from stains.” This post is also the result of watching a dad and his young son … Continue reading

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Mother of Awareness

“Understand that everyone has been one’s mother.” Instructed by this amazing phrase, at first we meditate on reincarnation, and that each lifetime has required a birth, a woman, a mother. Up until modernization and its toll on well-being (increased stress), … Continue reading

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Physics and Consciousness 4: anti-matter

What is anti-matter in the context of consciousness and physics? It is a misnomer. From the view of consciousness, any statement of anti or formless or impossible is simply a product of ignorance. Ignorance is not knowing information or truth. … Continue reading

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