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The ground of Awareness

Upon his enlightenment, Buddha touched the ground.* He asserted that “Earth is my witness,” regarding the fact of his enlightenment. There are layers of meaning in this gesture which are not usually expanded upon in the Dharma. Generally, the gesture … Continue reading

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The Perfect Way, Takakusu

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Non-duality is a myth, A mirage that appears and then disappears. It is an edge, an embrace. Meeting the edge, we engage it. Being embraced, we are consumed. But non-duality must also be consumed. It, too, must die in embrace. … Continue reading

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Wesak is coming: 7 video

Have times changed or are we simply ready to understand? The deeper truth of Wesak is human beingness, which is the expression of Buddha nature and Christ consciousness. We celebrate these two brothers of Being yet they are human, thus … Continue reading

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Physics and Consciousness 5: Particle and Wave materials

I am excited about this new six-week online course Particle and Wave: the Quantum Mechanics of Consciousness and hope that you might join the dozen people doing it. Below are materials for the first session, made available as enticement. The … Continue reading

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