Non-duality is a myth,
A mirage that appears and then disappears.
It is an edge, an embrace.
Meeting the edge, we engage it.
Being embraced, we are consumed.
But non-duality must also be consumed.
It, too, must die in embrace.

The raging light of enlightenment rages because it must engage.
The raging light is not abstract nor extracted,
But is the perpetual meeting of the edge of Reality – non-dual or predicated on Self.
The raging light is the edge: the careening, an ensō somersault, and the womb of groundless Ground.

I soar in no-thing
The winds of desire are the thermal of this sky-dance.
I fold wings to experience flesh fall.

The eye of the needle is universal in proportion;
The camel is not big or small.

Zen Mystery Enso by kancano on DeviantART

Zen Mystery Enso by kancano on DeviantART

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  1. This is beautiful. I think duality is just a choice of application for understanding, though I wonder how non-linear duality would fair? We see it in atoms and planets as magnetic fields with positive and negative charges.

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