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Humanity has been living organically for almost all of its duration. There was no other way to live or to grow food. We observed and learned from the animals, which is how animals were first domesticated. Our relationships to our animals was intimate, as in they often lived with us. Examples include: in the lower floor, their body heat rising to the upper floor and warming the family, or animals actually living in the same dwelling. This was to thwart predators from running away with one’s chickens or new lambs.

meadowOur relation with the land, the seasons, and smaller cycles of weather was common and comfortable. We used to look at the sky and know what was coming that day and for the next few. We used to heal ourselves by going into the meadow or forest and gathering just the right set of herbs which worked almost flawlessly. Our relation to Earth Mother, and to our inner core of simplicity and satiety, started to shift with the movement into an urbanized life. As human beings began to crowd together in dirty, sooty, and sewage laden streets, herbs could no longer heal. Why? Because the bacteria and viruses that grow in unclean environments are completely contrary to how Nature functions. Nature’s billions of bacteria, funguses, and viruses have a purpose and function within the self-regulation of Nature’s checks and balances. Our crowding of people into unnatural environments, and now animals in confinement houses, as well as living according to unnatural rhythms was a primary and fundamental cause of illness then and is still now. Herbs and nature based remedies work for people who get back to Nature, inner rhythms, needs, and attitude.

RX-DK-HTG28401_herbs-windowbox_s3x4_lgTherefore, we can be inspired that in our akashic memory every person on the planet has lived countless lifetimes of being with Nature and living the benefits of that as opposed to the the short term experiences of living for the last 100 or so years increasingly away from Nature and natural ways. In other words, it doesn’t take much to spark and bring forward personal wisdom or relation to Nature, working with her, and her creations.

We can be inspired by the fact that organic gardening is as simple as a pot or two on a window sill for fresh herbs, as easy as a 4X4 little lettuce, herb, and tomato bed, as right as the tomato you eat straight off the vine.

You want beauty, birds, hummingbird traffic, butterflies at your window? Easy. Plant a fruiting tree instead of a yew or evergreen (even a fruit that you might not eat such as crab apple or choke cherry). Let the edge of your yard go wild for butterflies – but first turn it with a pitch fork and cast wild flower seeds there. A little water in the evening for four or five days and the seeds will be good to grow. (Never water after 10 a.m. or through the day due to evaporation and thus the waste of the water, as well as burning of the plants as thummingbird feederhe water will act as a sun magnifier on the plant). Hummingbird feeders can be put on any window that can be easily maintained (refilled). But know that once you start to feed Nature, these little beings have a good memory. Hummingbirds will look for your feeder each year once you’ve offered it. At essence you are domesticating them. You’ll receive the gift of their presence but that requires some responsibility on your part.

apple-tree-in-bloomOf course, planting a fruiting tree or bush is the best deal for you and wildlife. If you live in an apartment or condominium and landscaping is being planned ask that the bushes, perennials,DSC00488 and trees that are planted have Nature value not just human eye-candy value. At root, any design or intention otherwise is hollow and not worth the money spent or the water used to keep these plants alive. Get something back, and give something to the birds and insects that live around you.

Inspiration also is in the fact that there are many people growing food sustainably, organically or pesticide-free. The trend to raise animals in the way that the animal thrives and serves the farm is growing. Joel Salatin is a great example and articulate practical guide for anyone interested. (Don’t let the hayseed look or Virginia drawl fool you. This man knows his science, animal husbandry, and is a business man making a significant annual income.) {the Joel Salatin video is a TED talk. 15 min.}

Be inspired, as well, knowing that YOU MATTER. Your choices matter to the farmers toughing it out – not not toughing it out with Nature but with agribusiness, their high paid lobbyists, back pocket senators and congressmen, and federal subsidies. In countries other than the USA, the tables are not so tilted. Therefore, your purchase of an organic fruit or vegetable, or free range or cage free animal product is good for you, good for the farmer, the picker, the soil, the water, the air, good for your children who you are feeding, good for their life of health, and the planet’s well-being.

Use local Farmer’s Markets. A google search will inform you where they are or use the Organic Consumers Association website (in the USA). It has a green/organic locator for food, restaurants, and businesses. Search by your zip code.

Itopsy turvy plantergnorance only serves the greedy. It does not serve you, your health and well-being, your future, or the world. A $1.49 packet of organic lettuce seeds and a well placed window box will give 7-8 months worth of lettuce starting with baby greens. How easy is that! If you have a yard, you can grow blueberries. No yard? Then a window box of herbs is for you or these crazy upside down planters that hang from any overhang. My brother-in-law has grown amazing tomatoes and cucumbers in them!

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