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The point: Chandrakirti on emptiness

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I take refuge.

I take refuge in source of all emanations. Womb of beginnings Gapping vaginal maw that sucks all back to the same never-left womb. I take refuge in the Victors. Like seeds long buried in the soil They arise from delusion’s … Continue reading

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Non-duality is a myth, A mirage that appears and then disappears. It is an edge, an embrace. Meeting the edge, we engage it. Being embraced, we are consumed. But non-duality must also be consumed. It, too, must die in embrace. … Continue reading

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Our Silly Use of Force

Any deep meditator understands quantum mechanics. It is the very nature of the subjective experience. Spontaneous arising out of the plasma of no-thing-ness. Duality no longer a pair of opposites, it dances within itself and thus is One.  A friend’s … Continue reading

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