I take refuge.

Blue Tara by Yantra3D on DeviantART

Blue Tara by Yantra3D on DeviantART

I take refuge in source of all emanations.
Womb of beginnings
Gapping vaginal maw that sucks all back to the same never-left womb.

I take refuge in the Victors.
Like seeds long buried in the soil
They arise from delusion’s darkness.
Male and female, they thrive regardless of contrived norms.

I take refuge in the long mane of enlightenment
And hold firm through the winds of change.
Riding the undulating horse Mahamudra,
I am returned to Mother-Womb.

Dharma, Dzogchen, Chakrasamvara
The Way of Non, Its Re-Solution, and the Fire Dance of Understanding.
In these I take refuge, to these I bow.
May my mind always be open.

And I take refuge in continuity, dependence, and connection.
Sangha comprised of the still sleeping, the waking, and Dragon-eyed Hearts Never Tiring;
This fabric of human consciousness, this prismatic spectrum of awareness,
In you I take refuge.

Doing so humility is fostered.Remembering this, unhindered sunyata sprouts as in Spring.
Bowing to You, I am nursed on rivers of emptiness and the sky of meditation,
Suckled on mysteries, textures, and tastes of understandings.

All are Her placental food.
My flights are in the amniotic fluid of the profound,
And frustrations are simply synaptic dreams.
Hail Mother of Buddhas, womb-bliss of complete awakening.

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