Perfect 3: Nature, perfect in every way

Perfect: works well, functions without error, proceeds with ease.

moss and snowMother Nature is perfect. We might not understand all the levels of her perfection thus, in that ignorance, not perceive the perfection, yet Mother Nature is perfect nonetheless. Perfect in beauty, perfect in inter-action, perfect in response. One thing provides for the next which provides for the next. The nourishment of one is the seeming demise of another, yet is it so? The nourishment of the soil requires the demise of the snowflake, yet is the snowflake made less by its absorption? No. It’s life essence is released which catalyzes the release of the life force of seeds, roots, and organisms within the soil. Therefore, the melting of the snowflake (it’s apparent demise) generates the life engine of myriad possibilities.

The nourishment of a person by the fair and humane raising and slaughter of animals and by the raising and slaughter of produce are similar – but only if we humans are holding the same attitude of heart-mind that the seed in the soil does: gratitude and respect. Without these, our need becomes barbarism and butchery. We degrade ourselves and act through our imperfections. Yet, as Mother Nature is perfect, our relation to the sources of food can be and used to be more natural, more nature honoring. When we love the land and the animals that provide our life force, then we are acting from our perfect nature. Otherwise, we compound our distortions and imperfections.

Mother Nature is perfect and all born of her substances innately know how to interact for mutual benefit. Herbs and medicinals from the earth acting with our bodies are excellent examples of this. Our physical body is made of the substances of the Earth. Illness was and is remedied by substances of the Earth. Often, illness also was recognized as not being in right relation with our earthly nature or the nature of Mother Earth. This is still true today. In the USA for example, we have rampant disease in people from birth onward, and it largely is the result of our horrendous relation to Mother Earth. America, home of the GMO experiment, the fluoridation experiment, the pesticide experiment, and the dump it where you want experiment, as well as strip mining, clear cutting, pave it and obliterate it. These describe an abusive relation with one’s Mother. Yet, it is the very substances that she freely offers that are the salve and salvation for so many ills. Why? because our bodies are made of the same substance. It is a simple effect of “flesh of my flesh.”

herbsAll improvements in the degradation of my body from MS and the medical system’s way of treating MS have been through substances born of the Earth. Nothing else improved the condition of my body, and nothing else continues to bring positive results. Therefore, my bias is strong and I state it openly. The perfection of Mother Earth is that only stupidity or ignorance can bring about harm when using her methods to heal us. Thus, research and common sense are necessary. That is part of the perfection: we must engage responsibly in every way.

Natural remedies that have worked for me (with MS, digestive issues, eye strain, and more) include:

  • change of diet. No GMO’s, low to no sugar, decrease grains, increase produce especially greens.
  • alkalize. Lemons, greens, quinoa.
  • botanical remedies. Over the years, these include homeopathic granules, Gemmo therapy liquids, and herbal extracts. This morning I had Rosemary Extract. My constitution is still singing! It replenishes and supports a healthy immune system, brightness of mind, and clarity overall.
  • a window to see Nature. I had terrible eye strain for a few days which is not normal for me. The amount of time that I was on the computer was not significantly different from most days. The difference was where I was sitting, ie. not where my eyes could lift and look out onto Nature and an expanse. As soon as I changed to a different seat, my eyes did not feel fatigued. Beauty healed.

I have written other posts/articles on Iodine/Kelp, coconut cream and oil, plus the series on Happy Food. All of them are examples of the perfect nature of Mother Nature. Her substances catalyze the well-being of our substance. We are healed by our Mother in every way. How perfect.

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