The mentor and the Second Ray

Mentor_by_moo_with_meThere is a macrocosmic reason why mentoring and guidance are part of planetary evolution. It is the Second Ray. Teacher, guide, guru, master, rishi, parent and adviser are some of the human manifestations of this theme. Within the animal kingdom, the Teacher manifests as the alpha dog or wolf, the lead goose, the matriarch elephant and as the directing bee, ant or termite. Within the plant kingdom, there are mother trees, great matriarchs of sections of the forest. Certain kinds of trees feel like they hold this role, such as the great sequoia, baobab, old oaks or maples and majestic ficus like the one Shakyamuni Buddha sat under. Medicinal plants, too, like myrobalan, ashwaganda and pau d’arco hold this master role. Additionally there is the unseen forest wisdom of the microfibrous network of fungi called the mycomtizal.* Without this, along with the matriarch trees, the forest would not and does not survive.

This cosmic energy, the Second Ray, is the reason we lift our eyes toward the sky for signs of weather and seek the guidance of spirit guides or spiritual beings. It is the Second Ray that holds our planetary existence in a beyond-time relationship with celestial and galactic sources of influence. Though other Rays are certainly functioning in this regard, they are subsidiary to the overarching Second Ray.

Wonderland_by_CygX1What are the Rays, and what is the Second specifically? The Rays are seven macrocosmic streams of qualified energy. From an esoteric point of view, the Seven Rays are the energy code for anything and everything in manifestation. These seven combine and weave like the genomes of DNA.

Scientists have determined four root genomes through their individual markers. Those four combine and create the known world of Earthly organisms. Similarly, the Seven Rays are discerned by their markers (subtle and coarse). Their matrix-designing combinations underlie all expressions of life and form. They also substand how those living forms live.

What sparks these thoughts is a statement posted recently on Facebook that “the era of the Guru is over.” A fundamental disagreement arose within me. My mind spouted verses from Agni Yoga, the Master DK, Buddhism and the Yoga Sutras. Although the initial reaction seemed to validate, it was a reaction, so I let my mind sit and I  waited for a deeper truth to arise. The Rays, and notably the Second Ray, was what did.

Each of the Seven Rays is a particular cosmic emanation. They pour through cosmos, qualifying galaxies, the solar systems within galaxies, the planets within solar systems, and all life forms within all systems of Life. The names of the Seven Rays, given to us by the Master DK, state qualities which are so far reaching and comprehensive as to require  lives of contemplation and investigation. The Rays are a favorite meditation and exploration for me, and I look forward to teaching about them (June 23). Their names are:

  • The First Ray of Will and Power
  • The Second Ray of Love-Wisdom
  • The Third Ray of Active Creative Intelligence and Adaptability
  • The Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict
  • The Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science
  • The Sixth Ray of Idealism and Devotion
  • The Seven Ray of Order, Ceremony, and Magic

You, I and everyone we know demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of evolving human beings. We are growing through our Rays and they are the source of our uniqueness. They also are the source of our similarities in various regards. Learning styles, emotional tendencies, personal acumen, interests and ways that we relate and need to be related to stem from the Rays. Our life’s service, that which deeply fulfills us, plus our Achilles’ heel are born of these seven cosmic energies. The Rays have combined through the galaxy, our arm of the Milky Way, our solar system, Planet Earth, our nation, the culture of which we are a part, our cycle in history, and demonstrate as our personal energy nature. All of these layers are colored by and demonstrate the Seven Rays in essence and in combination. Which leads back to the idea of the teacher, mentor, guru, and parent.

Mentorship and guidance exist on Earth primarily because of the Second Ray. The Second Ray is the ray of Love-Wisdom. It is the mother Ray of relation. It manifests along two lines: a) sentiently as the relation between individuals or parts and b) the interdependence of cause and result. The first – sentient – includes the relations of atoms in chemical bonds or of quantum particles to intention and need, as well as the relation of mentor to child or apprentice, of bee laden with pollen dancing directions to others, and all forms of love, attraction and complementarity. These express the cosmic energy of love.

The second type of relation – that of cause/result and the necessary space lived by us as moment, presence, and seeming choice is the wisdom manifestation of the Second Ray. This is the energy source of the infallible interconnectedness of everything seen and unseen, in time and not limited by thoughts time. Cause/result and neutral emptiness express through the “Do this and that results.” lived by all beings. This expresses the Wisdom quality of the Second Ray.

yorkshire_terrierSomeone recently told me of a miniature terrier who was bred to be a show dog, and from birth only knew an environment that mimicked a dog show arena. As kind as the breeder was, the pup never walked on outdoor grass, was trained to keep his head up from weeks old and didn’t know how to act like a dog. The current non-show owner of the terrier shared how another dog taught the terrier to go through the threshold of a door, to be comfortable with sky and space, to sniff the ground and learn to play. The terrier had been taught (2nd Ray) a set of alternative dog behaviors in order to show. But a dog mentored and taught (2nd Ray) the terrier to be a dog.

Underneath this behavior is the other quality of the Second Ray: love. Cosmically, love is the energy of mutuality and rapport, all for the purpose of benefit. In the dog example, benefit was fun, for the bees it is honey, for the person in a educational relationship it is learning. Teachers will continue to be part of our lives because there is always more to learn since Wisdom, cosmically considered, is not yet accomplished.

* Mycomtizal: article: Trees Communicate , YouTube: Trees Communicate


Refreshed. Originally posted in June 2014

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  1. Anne says:

    I’m always grateful at how much I receive from what you write. I have taken the Rays course 3 times & still, reading this I learned something new. I think it is the way you present the topic in new and varying ways. Thank Donna

    • Anne, the Rays are a fascinating subject – I think mostly because they are everyone and everything. Once we learn even a little about the Seven Rays, we begin to see the world, ourself, and all others with those new eyes. For me, more of the depth of a person, animal, location, or event is now available to be known and understood. I am daily grateful.

      Thank you for your thoughts, Anne!

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