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Revisit: Saturn, Physics, Naropa

Explore or revisit older posts: Saturn, the satyr. If you have Saturn prominent in your chart, or are a Capricorn Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, then this article will give you insights into your incarnation. the Physics and Consciousness series. Though … Continue reading

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Where Science and Buddhism Meet, part 1 video

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I take refuge.

I take refuge in source of all emanations. Womb of beginnings Gapping vaginal maw that sucks all back to the same never-left womb. I take refuge in the Victors. Like seeds long buried in the soil They arise from delusion’s … Continue reading

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Awareness Builds Upon Itself: Naropa 6

The teachings of the Buddha stand as possibly the most applicable philosophy ever uttered on this planet. From his first spoken words after sitting for seven weeks in the raging light of Enlightenment until his last forty-plus years later, everything … Continue reading

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