Three levels of rulership: esoteric astrology

Someone in a Facebook group wrote: “I struggle with anger and flashes of great compassion.” In a sense, this comment of self-honesty is one where traditional and esoteric astrology converge.

Astrology is a science of energy. Energies demonstrate, manifest, and theatrically display. Energies also converge, coordinate, ripen, and express as causes, conditions, and effects or results. Anger and compassion have a common energy underneath them: that of caring. Anger arises because one cares intensely about something, while compassion expresses equal care about everything and everyone. With the discovery that caring is the root cause of both anger and compassion, one can manage how best to express this root energy. Esoteric astrology explores this, and Mars in one’s chart -by placement and aspects- is where one would look for a “struggle with anger and flashes of great compassion.” Mars will be taken up in its own article in a couple of days, but, to set the stage for that, the three levels of rulership in esoteric astrology must be explained.

The gifts that esoteric astrology can offer one through including it in one’s interpretation require that one has first fully explored one’s chart using the traditional rulers and its level of interpretation. Esoteric astrology does not replace traditional astrology, nor is it “better than” traditional. All that esoteric astrology has to offer stands firmly on the bedrock of traditional. Similarly, one must perceive and acknowledge the Achille’s heel qualities, default patterns, as well as ego preferences and avoidances that a traditional interpretation can illumine. In addition, traditional astrology points at the karma being worked with, being brought forward into the life, and transits traditionally read and examined are generally right-on regarding the ways in which the higher self and the daily personal self continue to not see eye to eye. The personality will try to win every time, unless one is well-established on the spiritual path of transformation and growth.

One primary mechanism of distinction within esoteric astrology is that there are three levels of rulership rather than one. They are traditional, esoteric, and hierarchical. Each is a turn of the spiral of meaning and quality. Traditional is just that and is used in the foundational way of traditional astrology. Furthermore, the esoteric and hierarchical rulerships cannot be understood or worked toward without the traditional understanding and the wisdom that it can provide.

The second level of ruler is esoteric. It is classically related to the soul expression of the planet. Unto itself, this is quite a jump in the character of the planet. Soul is light, soul is self-less, soul is higher in vibration and expression. It is refined, non-self-referencing, other-focused, kind, ethical, wide-minded, and true. With these words in mind, one can imagine the stepping up that an esoteric ruler is signaling in the chart of the native. It is that of the stretch of character building, detachment, altruism, genuineness, and integrity in the person. One’s karma, default patterns, and sense of self will see-saw between the traditional expressions of the planets together with their aspects and those of the esoteric. If one is professed to the spiritual path, and one has esoteric rulers in the chart, they can be quite a nag! They will also be the angel on shoulder, the voice in one’s mind, and the truth of being always present and shining light on each moment as the Path.

Hierarchical rulership signals the highest expression of both the planet and sign. Planets in their royal role have the opportunity and duty to express their exemplary qualities. Doing so, the planet brings forward not only the excellence of itself but also of the sign it hierarchically rules. A person is fortunate to have a hierarchical ruler in his or her horoscope (chart). It points directly to a set of characteristics that the higher self is focused upon in this life: focused in order that these qualities be more vibrantly expressed as well as mined for all that they can provide to others. The native is being asked to valiantly step into Being. This is a categorical evolutionary leap, not simply a stretch. If one has an esoteric or hierarchical ruler and does not or cannot live them in their higher vibrating demonstrations, the karma of living them in a low or coarse fashion is exact and swift.

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11 Responses to Three levels of rulership: esoteric astrology

  1. Anne kennedy says:

    As always I thoroughly enjoy how you put things in perspective & clarify information, which to me, can sometimes be confusing. My Mars is in Leo in the 11th house, how I serve. Would you give me some specifics of how I can better do this?

    • Thank you, Anne, for your kind comment. Mars in Leo is an opportunity for authenticity and ethical behavior. The of Mars should be used for cutting through the ego’s obviousness (Leo) such that the strength of the heart (higher Leo) is what is lived. This combination of Mars in Leo could be that of a leader or a conqueror, or of a bully and someone who lives from self-importance. Therefore, by addressing reactivity (Mars) and self-referencing (Leo) one would be able to tend to the needs of others and do so well (11th house).

  2. Lisa Napora says:

    hi,This post was strangely coincidental. Spoke with Dave on Sunday and he told me his weekend was spent pondering anger and compassion and their relationship. He went on and on. Monday I saw this post and couldnt believe it! I asked him if he posted about this on FB but he said no. I sent it to him and I had a chance to skim it. It brought a clearer understanding of my focus on integrity in this life (both living it and teaching it). My Mars is in Sag. thank you!!xo L.

    Date: Sun, 6 Dec 2015 21:35:35 +0000 To:

    • The gift of understanding more about a planet, regardless of rulers, is that we can refine and expand how we bring forward that particular energy. I hope the article offers Dave some helpful contemplations.

  3. nalle26 says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this article and your explanation of Mars. I’m curious though about how you think a Leo Mars would express itself in the 12th house?

    • Thank you for your comment and stopping by. Please give a day or two to get back to you. thank you!

    • thank you for reading the article.

      Mars in Leo can be dynamic, straight-forward, and a leader. It might want to teach or mentor and thereby teach people how to lead themselves as a greater goal. But it can also be tremendously self-referencing, self-interested, even narcisistic. In the 12th house, the native will not have easy clarity on his or her Mars, nor on how the ego (Leo) is calling the shots. Look in the chart for what can illumine the egotistical tendencies (if you live them). Broaden the awareness of the effect that the Mars has on others. And, live the Mars for the uprightness that it can be about in Leo. Use it well for championing the underdog.

      Please consider purchasing my book. I think it will assist in your contemplations. You can do so on this blog. See the main navigation bar. Thank you for the consideration.

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  6. MentalismLAB says:

    Very creative piece:)

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