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Esoteric Astrological Layers 7: Saturn

From an esoteric astrology point of view, Saturn is a mentor, a teacher, and a tantric-style guru. As mentor, Saturn guides the native, establishing the rules of the maturing or spiritual road from early on in the native’s life. Saturn’s … Continue reading

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Revisit: Saturn, Physics, Naropa

Explore or revisit older posts: Saturn, the satyr. If you have Saturn prominent in your chart, or are a Capricorn Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, then this article will give you insights into your incarnation. the Physics and Consciousness series. Though … Continue reading

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Electric Universe, evidence that matters

David Talbott continues to refine his work with ancient artifacts and myths from around the world that he says point to a different sky thousands of years ago. His work is compelling and makes logical sense. His work sparked the … Continue reading

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Saturn the Satyr

The satyr, a mythological creature, half man-half goat, is one image used for Saturn. This playful image was made grotesque and malefic by Christian authorities as they tried to pry paganism from its ancestral roots. The images of the satyr … Continue reading

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