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Uniqueness and individuality

This is a pondering on uniqueness in contradistinction to individuality. Is uniqueness a more accurate consideration when in reference to a person, place, or thing? Because no thing or person is an island unto itself and everything seen and unseen … Continue reading

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Revisit: Saturn, Physics, Naropa

Explore or revisit older posts: Saturn, the satyr. If you have Saturn prominent in your chart, or are a Capricorn Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, then this article will give you insights into your incarnation. the Physics and Consciousness series. Though … Continue reading

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Free Audio on Naropa, Mahamudra, and the Stages to Enlightenment

As many might know, the book The Life and Teachings of Naropa by Herbert Guenther has not only been subject of a series of postings but has been a supportive text being used in the 9-month Subtle Anatomy and Meditative … Continue reading

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Blinded: Naropa 12

When all is said and done, Naropa is each of us, just as are Santa Claus, Mohammed, Jesus, and the devil. Part of the complexity of the human psyche is that we are designed to give and be joyous, to … Continue reading

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Translation: Naropa 10

Human nature is an interesting complexity. We often desire what is not good for us, and that which would fulfill our deep yearnings is overlooked. We might be given directions about something and yet chose an independent route. We preach … Continue reading

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