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advancing meditation: the a, b, c of perceptions

Perceptions are necessary as long as we think that we are living in this world with such and such gender, food preferences, hopes, fears, and self-identity. We share this conditioning with trillions of other beings on Earth. Meditation – on … Continue reading

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Light of the Soul, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras: book 3 sutras 42-48

Patanjali had an overall intention to guide a practitioner toward the inner truth of being. Once a person began to experience for him or herself the nature of innate being and its distinction from the apparent Knower and Perceiver, then … Continue reading

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Light of the Soul: the Yoga Sutras, book 3, sutras 14-18

We have incorporated the book Raja Yoga by the master yogi and teacher, Vivekananda in our study of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Alice Bailey’s commentary, Light of the Soul, continues as our base. Adding Vivekananda adds the dimensions of … Continue reading

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Uniqueness and individuality

This is a pondering on uniqueness in contradistinction to individuality. Is uniqueness a more accurate consideration when in reference to a person, place, or thing? Because no thing or person is an island unto itself and everything seen and unseen … Continue reading

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Correct perception 2

What is correct perception? Correct means that which is done without error. To perceive is to cognize and have something become known through internal sense apparatus. Correct perception, then, is correct knowing accomplished through accurately using the internal senses. The … Continue reading

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